Has anyone tried legal buds?

Discussion in 'General' started by iluvcash, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. I was thinking about getting some "legal buds" but I want some opinions from people who tried it. Does it really work?
  2. idk stick to the illegal ones that you know get you fucked up.
  3. legal buds dont have any active ingredients that get you where ya need to be....dont waste ur time...unless youre getting salvia.
  4. they don't work and are rip offs, if anything go with salvia.
  5. legal buds are stupid.
  6. I've heard of some exotic buds that get you really fucked up. You just have to experiment and look around.
  7. ^ if that was true the government would probably illegaltize it by now
  8. Salvia isn't illegal...
  9. they're not bad to smoke my friend got like 2 ounces for free when he wasnt smoking so you could smoke fat ass b's and shit it was funn i guess
  10. Legal buds...mine as well go out side and gather bushes, grass, and whatever other plant you can find and smoke that stuff up, will have the same effect.
  11. Other than some 20x of salvia, all legal highs dont work.

    but salvia is freaking great.

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