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Has anyone tried "Cannabis Caviar"?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by captain zigzag, May 25, 2010.

  1. Alright, so I was screwing around on the net a couple of days ago and I came across an article about this stuff called "cannbis caviar". It sells for $60 a gram and $1400 an ounce in the dispensaries. Here's an excerpt from the article:

    "This isn't stuff you are sitting around puffing all day," says Jake, general manager of the ReLeaf Center, a Denver dispensary that's selling caviar made in house for $60 a gram. "This is the definition of a one-hitter quitter."
    It ain't your grandpa's pot. Caviar is made by soaking marijuana buds in a potent stain of hash oil -- thick, sticky and concentrated liquid cannabis made from dissolving hashish or marijuana in solvents like acetone, alcohol or butane. Once the oil's soaked into the marijuana buds, the whole shebang is allowed to dry for several weeks or months.

    The result is a potent marijuana smorgasbord: high-grade marijuana, with between 5 and 20 percent THC, infused with 30 to 80 percent THC hash oil. It also burns for long periods of time, notes Jake, although he adds a word of caution about taste: "It's rough."
    People looking for a smooth-tasting product should look elsewhere, he says. "It's for people who want to smoke less, need longer effects, or have medical needs that absolutely require them to take large amounts of THC in. It's going to have a stronger medical benefit."

    So, anyone tried this stuff? It sounds fucking intense.
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  2. omfg omfg omfg, i wanna try this shit, did it mention how? haha i;m high atm but ya, i still wanna try it, over 80% pure THC? holy hell the best weed strains in the world only are in the 20's :smoke:
  3. I make it. Anyone who pays $60/gram is getting ripped off. It costs a fraction of that for the grower or dispensary to make.
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    Honeybud? No way I'd pay over $30 a gram. Wish I grew like OSG :p
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  5. I take choice nugs, smaller ones are actually better for this because the oil can penetrate them better. Then I gently heat up my very purest oil until it's watery and drizzile it over the nuggets, letting it penetrate them slowly. After a few applications I let it dry for a day or two then I roll it in kief. After that I let it cure for a few weeks. Then it's party time ;)

    Unfortunately a few so called 'medical dispensaries' (*cough legal dealers*) are making a HUGE profit from this kind of stuff. The markup is in the order of hundreds of percent. People are getting rich while pretending to care about people who really do need cannabis as medicine.
  6. One of these days I'm going to grow like you, I can't wait.
  7. That seriously just gave me a boner :hello:
  8. maybe some growers are, but I was under the impression that medical dispensaries are not for profit by law. Isn't this the case?
  9. You'll do great I'm sure; you have a love for the plant and that's what separates just a grower from a great grower.

    I just get SO mad at these assholes who charge outrageous prices for shit that's so cheap to grow and make. These so called 'dispensaries' are for the most part just profiteering off the quasi-legal status of cannabis. I do so hope it gets fully legalized sooner rather than later. I'll fucking undercut every single ripoff artist out there and show people that you can have fantastic, top of the line bud and related products without having to sell a kidney to afford it. Fucking assholes.

    EDIT: And before the ripoff artists chime in with talk of 'overhead', of course time and labor matter, as does the overhead of running a shop. Soooo, whatcha gonna do with the OTHER 500% profit you're making :rolleyes:
  10. I'm going to get a nice job after this summer and start a grow up outside somewhere hopefully next spring, I have a few bag seeds I'm germinating right now. I'm reading up with a few books and such, but it's always something to look forward to. Legal or illegal, no one will know, :smoke:.
  11. if that is true the THC content would be too high to take at one time by noobs
  12. It's fun. Alas my first grow is going well. I say go for it!

    And after harvest, us too, can make our own caviar.
  13. I'm growing 2 Blueberry plants at my friend's house with a hydroponic system, lighting, the works. This is going to be my first time so I'll just learn this time. Next time it'll be different.

    I'll also be growing some plants outdoors. I can't wait until I'm older and can have a full grow room (hopefully with a license).
  14. As I mentioned above this post, maybe some growers are, but I was under the impression that medical dispensaries are not for profit by law. Isn't this the case?
  15. I have become a big fan of Caviar. I make it myself, but buy it when I'm at the shops to cross compare. It is everything they say and then some. My fav is Burmese Kush. It was a light color oil and they entire inside of the flower was gold! An immediate head high and my body was in heaven for hours. Munchies were fun though. I will upload a photo if someone wants to see the ones I have had over time. Let me know
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  16. I set out a while back on a search to find it. Hell I wanted too see it as much as try it. I'm n pueblo co. I checked everywhere n town and even the high end shops never had it. I randomly found caviar prerolls today. At first it isn't all the hype ur all set up for and it fakes u out. I smoked a third of it and set it down waited an hour and smoked another third and suddenly coughed like I was 12 again and bam u r fucked up. I do not recommend smoking 2/3 a spliff if ur not a veteran. I got 20 years with my love Mary Jane and thought I would never b high like this again. It took me to a better stone than I ever seen and as n a lot of lucky places I have the free right and availablity to try some of the best smoke n the world. Not to b cocky but it takes a real impressive indica dab for me to enjoy things. I am super impressed. This is the first and only time I'll ever say anything about marijuana not being good for some ppl. This is not for a lot of ppl. Only a seasoned smoker should b this kind of high. Just my thoughts. Anyway If u are lucky enough to try it it's a must. Bucket list shit. Also I don't think any cannabis no matter the strength should cost that. It takes the peace outta the whole plant and that's not ok. It may b worth more sure because of what it is but not that much. It contradicts marijuanas important roll n life and makes it a object for profit. No better than a car or house. Just a thing.

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  17. It was nice Imo but nothing spectacular. I was unaware of what moon rocks were up until about 8 months before I tried them on a road trip only it took a bit for anyone to realize I meant caviar calling it moon rocks haha but finally had it sorted out and got it... it was 20 a gram and it was decent nothing special thought I'd rather just have flower or have concentrates not together...

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