Has anyone tried anything like this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Swizwalz, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. For about a week now I've been thinking about going to a car dealership with some friends, maybe split up and go to different dealerships and act like I'm a rich spoiled kid whose parents have money to spend on, and ask to test drive really nice brand new cars. I want to go to the chevy dealership and drive the new camaros, and possibly a corvette if I can. Has anyone done this and were you successful? I really want to do this soon.
  2. Your gonna have to sign a shit load of paperwork before they throw you the keys to one of their top models. Still do-able though. That'd be sick.
  3. Maybe but I was just thinking they would let me take a short drive with the salesman in the car of course, I know they wouldn't let me drive by myself.
  4. Ive done it. I went with my friend to buy a new car, the one he got was a Ponitac G5 but the salesman noticed him looking at the Corvettes. The sales man went in grabbed the keys and let us take a Corvette for a spin.
  5. A lot of those guys are hard working people, and you end up using a lot of their time and potentially costing them some commission that they need to make their rent during a tough economy.

    Might seem nice and fun, but you can really hurt people who are just trying to do their job. Not cool.
  6. Are you serious dude? This deserves no reply at all, but I had to acknowledge the absurdity of your statement.
  7. I have to agree.

    Don't waste their time man.
  8. Why would you want to just test drive a car if you dont plan on buying it or even thinking about buying it? Waste of the dealerships and your time imo.
  9. I was pretty succesful at a Ferrari dealership before homecoming last year.. I had my suit on and looked pretty rich.
  10. Everyones entitled to drive a nice sports car once in their life time. Fuck it might even motivate someone who really needs it.
  11. What makes anyone ENTITLED to drive a sports car?
  12. did this back in high school with some friends. Ive looked practically the same as i do now at 20 at 15 of course i have changed a little bit but I didnt go to any high end dealerships. I test drove i think a 2 year old benz and a charger when they had just come out. You gotta know how to act and look the part though or else theyll call your bluff.
  13. but...you get to drive the new camaro.
  14. I did it before, it isn't very hard. They weren't brand new expensive cars or anything, but one was a pretty nice 3000GT and the other was a few year old Eclipse. Just go in and dress for the part and act like you considering buying it. And make sure you tell them your thinking about paying CASH upfront, not financing it and they'll be a lot more accommodating.

    As for wasting their time, they aren't walking around trying to sell someone a car every second of the day. A vast majority of the time they are sitting around or doing busy work.
  15. Exactly, I'm glad someone has some common sense. I don't know if I'm gonna do it though, I've got a lot of shit going on right now.
  16. ive done it. Salesman came up to me and some friends and i said birthday. After that we got to testdrive w/e we wanted
  17. Ha my grandma in New York used to do this all the time. she'd pretend she was a movie star and she'd pull it off perfectly. she may not be rich but she can act it.
  18. My grandpa took me to test drive a Porsche once, but the difference was he actually had enough money to buy it.

    He didn't though. :(

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