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Has anyone smoked OG Martian Kush?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by buddahlover, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Hey whatsup, I'm just wondering if any of you guys have gotten the pleasure and luck of smoking og martian kush. It was the best bud I ever smoked in my life and believe me I have sampled hundreds of different strains in the past 7 years. What was once super dank turned to just good bud after smoking this bud. I picked a quarter two years ago for 130 bucks and thats in california! I know, really expensive since dank chronic like OG or Master go for 110 a quarter though it was well worth it since I have never seen it again or smoked anything better even to this day, Has anyone tried it before?

    Heres my discription of it which I'm putting in my new book.

    OG X Martian Kush

    This strain is the Kush of Kushes, the rarest and most potent variety of the strain. It would have been a great loss to my expertise if I would have not tried it raising my valuation ability to another level. It is grown hydroponically in Southern California and is one of the rarest most exotic and potent strains in the world; It delivers a powerful, uplifting and perplexing stone which launches the mind into orbit through a peaceful and delirious voyage that will never be forgotten. Its sweet dense light green buds are covered in crystals and monstrous thick red hairs which give off an overwhelmingly sweet and pungent spicy aroma and flavor that's even sweeter than fruit loops. It tastes incredible like the freshest tastiest Kush and tones of delicious fruits and spices. OG Martian's superb quality derives from a long line of exquisite genetics and Cannabis Cup winners, for example the very famous west coast legend OG Kush which is a combination of Lemon Thai and a Land race Paki strain backcrossed with Chem Dog and its other parent is just as special, Martian Mean Green a highly potent Indica/Sativa hybrid originally created by crossing Sharksbreath, one of DNA Genetics frontline strains, and a G13 Haze from Amsterdam. It can be a one-hit-a-quitter and is not for the novice, its high THC concentration can get even the most experienced stoner incredibly high and at over 500 dollars an ounce in California, OG Martian has to be a bang for your buck.

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