Has anyone seen Tron while high?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Nathan420Gio, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I watch both Tron movies while I was high and I thought they were really trippy and cool. What is your guy's opinion on either Tron? I thought the classic was better.
  2. I know someone who watched it on shrooms. I watched it sober but I was thinking how awesome it would be high, I was thinking of eating some edibles I had lying around but I said fuck it.
  3. Tron (the new one) stoned was quite epic in my opinion. I love watching it stoned.
  4. Great Movie when High ! way better then sober
  5. I saw Legacy in 3D at the cinema. Smoked a few joints before I went in, the 3D was absolutely mindblowing. Still the best use of 3D I've seen, much better than Avatar.
  6. Saw both while high

    I like the tank scene in the original where they are getting chased
  7. Tron in 3D is amazing. It's one of the only 3D movies I own(with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs). Some nights when I can't anything to watch I'll pop in in the blu-ray player and kick back with the bong
  8. I saw Tron Legacy baked in the theater. Cool visuals but dont ask me anything about the story lol
  9. Lol you are so funny!
  10. I got blazed and saw the new one in 3D, it was awesome haha

    Also saw the new Star Trek in 3D stoned :smoke: been a while since I've been to the movies
  11. Great sound track by daft punk. Movies with amazing soundtracks really get me going, like Hanna. The Chemical Brothers did that one.
  12. the real question is what movie have i watched recently while not high?
    i always start a movie thinking i have never watched it
    & 5 minutes in, im like holy shit i have watched this...like 3 times.

    ya Tron Legacy is pretty good, i like a lot actually.
    like 3amJunkie said, the soundtrack was dope...kind of made the movie

    i remember watching the old one as a kid thinking it was bad ass.
    i tried to watch it again here recently...terrible idea.
    it took away from the childhood memory of the movie because the graphics where garbage.
  13. im watching it high right now :3 lol

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