has anyone seen this?!

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  1. Ok, about 4 weeks into flower, just flushed last weekend 4/22 due to the claw .... watered with half nutes (age old bloom) on friday since.... just noticed this today and its only on 3 leaves of one of my girls (ice cream clones in soil)

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  2. Nute burn, your supposed to feed them not zap um
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking, but what made me wonder was its only on one of them.... same soil same nutes same everything... its about time to stop feeding them anyway I suppose
  4. The point of flushing is to wash out salt buildup from nutes.... giving them more nutes after flushing defeats the purpose.
  5. It was like a week later but yeah prob not the best idea...be straight distilled from here to finish

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