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    ya...czar tripped over his propaganda, crushed his credibility and bruised his ego
    glad I moved to Oregon!
  2. this one pummels the czar...
  3. Cohen is a career politician and an Obama/Pelosi progressive right hand man. (Gee, the people looking to push prohibition 2.0, what a huge coincidence, huh?)
    He's putting on a very nice little theatre show for you good folks. He's the "smart stoog" in this act.
    My favorite part of his Wiki:
    This guy is a major puppet. Don't be fooled.
  4. We are in a sad state as a country when these obvious trolls are the people making decisions that effect everyone. The chairman needs to step in and have him answer the question period. I hate watching debates/hearings when someone is asked a simple yes or no question and they ramble on for their allotted amount of time without ever answering it. Someone should step in crack them on the head and make them answer if they choose not to then they need to be removed from whatever office they have. Pretty simple really
    oh, fire our insubordinate employees...that's a new radical idea for DC political career types we vote into power...it scares them to start a precedence out of fear it will be their name on a pink slip later. :confused_2:
  6. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Judge Judy meets springer?

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    I think that guy is pathetic being a leader of federal agencies making decisons or hell I dont know what the fuck he does ,,that cannot answer direct questions. He should have his shit together andALL HIS COMPANY BY THE BALLS 24/7 THATS HIS JOB . Apparently he answers to a higher power than him so hes ball twisted useless for this interview, nothing but a useless sack of shit that doesnt display one flying proud fuck or any emotion for his work. He should be embarrassed to be recorded being a useless sack of shit representing anything he works for .
    Found out hes a addict but claims sobriety, after this performance hes clearly gone off the deep end again. Rambling like a useless fuck 
  8. You're watching a scripted reality show at this point when it comes to politics. No one believes anything they are saying. They are actors, essentially. The DEA is made to look out of touch, making a contorted prohibition 2.0 scheme cooked up by Cohen's keepers to look "brilliant" in comparison as they railroad everyone through treatment centers and whatnot for the new prohibition. They used to call them "indoctrination camps" and "re-education camps" not too long ago when guys with funny mustaches were in power. But everything has a much more PC spin this time around. It's all about our health and "safety." LOL.
  9. Every time he is questioned about Cannabis he says the same thing!
  10. I don't think "prohibition 2.0" is another word for "legalization" at all, in fact the two are complete antonyms you fool. Prohibition 2.0 sounds like we're moving backward instead of forward, and by pushing for legalization means you want it legalized, meaning you cannot be arrested for possessing it, prohibition 2.0 would mean we would have even stricter laws towards it. Please make sense with your words. *facepalm*

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