Has anyone read 1984?

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  1. Well i recently read 1984 by George Orwell and i think i finally realized why marijuana is illegal. Like something about thought crime and such and thinking of freedom and having fun. Thinking like an independent individual in a world where individuality marks you as an outcast and such. Dunno if any of you came to a similar conclusion but be nice to see.
  2. i liked the part where he had sex with a hooker. :wave:
  3. If you liked 1984 you should check out this book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
  4. Pot is illegal because William Randolph Hearst launched an aggressive smear campaign against the hemp industry in the early twentieth century which produced a prejudice which has stuck ever since. 1984 is a cautionary tale about the dangers of what Orwell deemed to be an eminent communist totalitarian state. Ultimately however, 1984 is more an essay prescribing the essentialness of free speech and the danger of censure to any free society.

    Double plus good.
  5. im not an expert on this stuff so yeah haha but thought crime meant thoughts of being free and and individual which weed provokes
  6. yes I've read it, as well as brave new world

  7. Eh... Somewhat. I've always thought of marijuana as being massively misunderstood, like it was the demon plant that would end the world or something.

    Smoking weed doesn't make you an outcast or an individual, if anything it makes you more of a conformist(at least in my school)... However, I don't care about conforming, I care about getting high.

    I do experience a lot more freedom and abstract thought when I'm high to a degree that isn't normally possible.
  8. I like a brave new world quite a bit more
  9. I read 1984 in 1984 for the second time.
  10. I was thinking about what it would be like to live in a society where soma was replaced by weed. If every person in the entire world was just given their daily ration of weed. Unlike soma it wouldn't keep the public ignorant and people would generally be happy, but they would know real happiness and not the false happiness of the "New World."
  11. Very good book. I had to read it in high school (maybe freshman year???) and it was amazing. Definitely opened my eyes.
  12. i mean in soceity in general not like in a setting like your school. Most people who smoke weed are not accepted by the general public which is what i sorta picked up in the book how free thinking is looked down upon sort of like our society and in the book you can be murdered for it. thats what i meant if that helps make it more clear
  13. 1984 and Brave New World are good but Anthem by Ayn Rand is better. :hello:
  14. thanks for referencing brave new world and anthem, im going to go out and borrow them
  15. you should check out more dystopias man

    like brave new world for example they use a drug to partially control the nation (soma) weed is illegal in a dystopia becuase of the idea it causes critical thinking of the people in power

    in our society soma is replaced with alcohol and tobacco it doesnt control us, but it sure does bring in a shit load of money for the gov.
  16. I seen Anthem and Brave New World listed already, ya might like Fahrenheit 451 also.
  17. Actually, A Brave New World is Utopia. Everything is absolutely perfect and no one is unhappy. How they acheive that is a little dystopic.
  18. Huxley was paid to do all his writings, he worked for MI5 british intelligence, they wanted him to paint a picture of what the new world order would be like. Orwell on the other hand wrote his works without being paid, rudyard kipling was the same, he was paid for his books too. Orwell didn't accept money to write 1984, he was painting a dystopia pure and simple.
  19. i have read it, don't read it when your tweeking
  20. well i read it once sober and once high, both times same conclusion albeit on a grander scale while high

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