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Has Anyone Or Anyone You Know Been Caught At The Airport (Domestic Flight) With Edibles/bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LucasSmokes, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Anyone? Any stories? I havent really heard of anyone getting caught with small amounts but i want to ask anyway.

  2. I got caught with 50 grams of Afghan Hashish, Wrapped in shrink wrap little flat blocks they where strapped onto my chest.

    I broke a deal with the DA and lead them to the suppliers and got my sentence knocked down to 5 years.
  3. that sucks dude
  4. Dick move
  5. I wasn't caught exactly.. but I brought my vape pen and a gram of wax to Mexico one year.  The only problem is when I got there it wasn't in my bag.  I think the people who handled the bags jacked me. 
  6. TSA employees steal things all of the damn time.
  7. Dick move
    </blockquote>Real shit.
  8. and you also had a turban created out of 15 packages of zig zags that you mended together in a tapestry which was filled with bud that you put on your head
  9. If you pack a small amount in your checked luggage TSA can possibly steal it if check your bag. They spot check every so often and will just confiscate. If you carrying large amounts forget it.
  10. holy shit man
  11. I can't tell if you're trolling or not
  12. I had prescription pills in a checked bag and when I got too my place.i noticed a few were missing. I purposely counted how many there was before.

    And whaddaya know. Fuckers stole some.
  13. SNITCH
  14. [quote name="catpuchino" post="19276697" timestamp="1388802986"]SNITCH[/quote]Dont even say that, i guarantee you would say the same thing. Marijuana and airports dont mix, and that usually ends with big time jail.
  15. Idk if you're same guy but I've seen someone post the exact thing you wrote, so you either are lieing or the op
  16. Caught? no.
    However, i do have acquaintances that routinely travel with over $15,000 worth of product on domestic flights. This may soon be no more though, because of the Colorado airports planing to ban marijuana on airport property.
    Technically, if you got caught, you could be charged with trafficking past state lines.
  17. FUCK DAT SHIT.... IM FRM NYC aint no body got time for that. Yall wildin im smoke a bowl for yall.....realltalk!!!!
  18. shut the fuck up pussy
  19. My brother in 2006 smuggled a dub of bud from hawaii under his balls back home to cali lol
  20. Why don't you just mail it in a flat rate box to yourself? Vaccum seal and place in an appropriate sized box. 

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