Has anyone noticed how good coffe tastes when your ripped?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I have, now.

    Tastes pretty good.


    But like, it's a scary oppinoin that not only I hold.

    Journy with me now, the truth lays somewhere beond colour and sound, at a place where human perception cannot take us.
  2. I usually get blazed beforre work on the weekends and I down a coffee as soon as I get there. It's awesome, you dont get burnt out halfways throught the work day.

  3. Ooooh weird..... I was gonna make a thread that had something to do about coffee.. I love coffee in the morning and before work, and after a nice meal. Yeah, it's good. High or not, it's goooooood. Just finished my first cup. :p
  4. Not like one time with a few friends, we open the freezer take like 20 uncooked mini cinnamin buns, microwave them (still frozen) and then we ate them all. They tasted awesome until 20 minutes later i puked it all up. :(
  5. On a good day, i'll wake up, shower, have a joint and a coffee and head to work. Part of a balanced breakfast.
  6. Yeah, coffee actually tastes different to me when I'm high, I love it though :hello:
  7. I drink about 2 pots of coffee a day
  8. Yeah, tastes different to be when high aswell, I love it though XD :D
  9. Bagels taste different as well.
  10. you should try scrambled eggs, mmmm good.
  11. Rasta man, you know that just about any food tastes good high, I got the munchies like a motherfucker right now and I got tea in 20 minutes :D

    Pizza mmmm....

    Any Food mmmmm.....

    FOOD!!! :D
  12. I don't like coffee but Mountain Dew and Monsters/ No Fear (SoBe) energy drinks get me through the day...
  13. I just ate a REALLY big apple. It tasted good. REALLY good.

    So don't tell me what I like and what I don't like, it doesn't go far in terms of employee satisfaction.

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