Has anyone noticed?..Harder drugs?

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. first off i want to say,i respect everyone who does drugs like thizz,and coke. I mean i have no problem with them or in no way think they are bad people. I just wanted to note an observation and wanted to see if people though maybe similar. The drug we fight for,the drug that calls its home here,marijuana is said to lead into harder drugs. Most of us fight for this saying no it doesnt lalala. But i'm starting to think maybe there right. As of late ive noticed alot of Blades trying drugs like thiz and coke etc. Even i have recently tried coke for my first time. I was just thinking that before i smoked weed i would have NEVER tried cocaine EVER. Has anyone else noticed that if they never tried weed they would have never tried other drugs.

    This thread is not intended to belittle or call out anyone.

    p.s. I'm probably just cranky from not smoking all day.

    Peace and love,
    The Baked Zombie
  2. Because ocne you get over the stigma against weed, you get over the stigma against other drugs, because none of it should be there in the first place...
  3. a psychedelic like cannabis isn't going to directly lead to amphetamines (coke, 'thizz'), or opiates (oxycontin) because the effect is drastically different.

    it's the person. some people just seek any way to get 'fucked up', others wish to experience psychedelics and hallucinogens exclusively.
  4. yah i get what your saying. and that answers it pretty well actually.
  5. In my case the only drug i have ever done is marijuana, I have never smoked a cig or drank a beer, So from my experience marijuana is definitely not a gateway drug, Its just that some people seek a stronger high, That not the marijuanas fault.
  6. I have noticed it zombie..I mean I do other drugs and all..but sometimes I wish we would talk less bout other drugs and talk about our plant. I mean..this is after all a pot forum..

    But..hell its just a thought on my part, not like it has any substance behind it :cool:

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! you basically said what i wanted to say but i didnt want to seem like a dick. I honestly think we should talk more about our herbs..not others.

    EDIT: and also it just feels like the thing i used to have in common most with the blades is dissappearing because they rather roll or something then smoke weed. But hey melkor atleast you like ganj as much as i do!!
  8. weed has been MY gateway drug,only because it opened my mind to other things. im pretty ok with trying a new drug if i think its safe, its really a personal thing. if you can handle the effects and be mature enough to manage possible problems with addiction, then fine.

  9. Piper wins. It's true. It's the MOST common drug used in the world. And like he said, you get over that, and you're usually willing to try other things...
  10. just one bump.
  11. For me it was all about getting over the stigma of drugs in general, not that I necessarily wanted a stronger high.

    I just wasn't as afraid of drugs anymore.
  12. As I see it, lots of people try alchohol/tobacco before anything, amirite?
  13. Its a multitude of things. One, once you get over the stigma of smoking weed, you can tolerate other drugs more. Two, your forced into the drug scene weather you like it or not, so your going to be exposed to other drugs and its always going to be there. Three its the person. After you experience not being sober, one mite have the curiosity of other highs or trips.

    All I can say its not marijuana its self. Its social and personal. If pot was legalized, you wouldnt have people being exposed to the drug scene to get there pot.
  14. I think its more of a "been there, done that" kind of issue. People get bored, although there are different strains its all the same chemical. People naturally get bored with common things. It's not a problem, just a fact of life.
  15. Never did harder drugs, never will. I don't even like to get fucked up on weed, I like to save it up and be high most of the time. Not completely mind fucked.
  16. Marijuana IS a gateway drug.
    As soon as you get the icky connotation of 'drug' purged from your mind you wander to other substances, with a few exceptions still..

  17. First I wanna start off saying that this post is in no way hostile or anything and I'm just letting you know where I'm coming from.

    It's true that GC is after all a bud forum. I discovered GC before I had done any other drugs besides bud. And I loved it. But now, I've gotten to try a couple other drugs (I agree with Piper's post completely) and some of them, I've also grown to love as much as bud. I also know a good amount of other people here have too, so naturally we would post about it our love/experiences for the drugs other than bud, too.

    I mean, after all, it's still the General Section. We can post talking about those ballpits from MickeyD's, but not about the crazy rave we hit up rollin balls or the allnighter coke binge with friends? These great times we have and will/can't remember (either is a mark of greatness, in my mind) - surely we deserve to post and share these stories of ours with other fellow stoners.

    And just cause I'm gonna post about this rave I'm going to on Saturday, doesn't erase the fact that I have been smoking bud every single night and loving it. It's still a huge part of my life. And for people that really would rather be doing other drugs than bud, so what? It's still part of their lives. Think about it...they're still posting on GC...some of them who aren't smoking anymore for work reasons, t-breaks, etc. But they STILL come here to talk to friends and read stories about that time when you smoked, got crazy munchies, and ate so much KFC that you literally puked. Bud IS still part of our lives. And who are you to judge to what extent this acceptable for an online forum? :)

    Honestly, you should be much more concerned with the increased threads of immaturity and flaming, rather than the threads with harder drugs.

    Just my two rolls.
  18. Hey man..you have a great point. I mean, I roll alot, do some blow every now and then, and love talking about it. What i've noticed though, is an increase in topics about coke, heroin, x.. and a decrease in topics about weed..

    though i bet most people would just say..use the search button. :p

    I can't wait to hear bout your rave man..take some trippy pics of the trails of color
  19. i see an abundance of topics that i'm interested in at GC. those are the ones i read
  20. exact opposite for me...i was more cool with doin harder shit before i started smokin weed. b4 i picked up pot, i could see mysef tryin coke or gettin into X, but once i started gettin high and reading about marijuana, i guess i put more of an emphasis on health... just started thinkin why do other stuff when weed isnt gonna harm you. even alcohol i look at tainted, just because i kno of the health fx it has...hell i think ive only been drunk 2x in the last year
    and the last time i drank i kept thinkin 'damn, if i was smokin my body would have it alot easier right now..wouldnt be tryin to get all this shit outta me'

    im not sayin i look down upon ppl who use other drugs, im fine with my friends who do other shit as long as they stay responsible...in fact some other drugs still sound like a real good time, and im sure the experience is better than it sounds....
    but smoking weed has really made me not wanna do anything but weed

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