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Has anyone in the US ordered from EDIT?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by isimon, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. EDIT as in Every one does it. Im thinking about ordering an EHLE from there but I live in the US and I dont know how reliable the shipping is. How long will it take? How much does it cost for a reliable delivery? Has anyone ordered from there and had a good/bad experience? Im not willing to blow $100 on a bong if its gonna take 2 months to get delivered if it actually does get delivered.

    And also does anyone know of any other online headshops that ship from the US? I see most are located in Europe. Thanks for any help.
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    My bad didn't see "ship from US part" I'm not sure if GC ships from the US, but from what I've seen it has very good feedback.
  3. i got my .de diffy from them. i wouldn't trip, they're a solid company and there not gonna rip you off. but shipping, depending on what you choose might be a while because it is from the uk
  4. I ordered an EHLE 500ml from them about 3 months ago and there were no complications whatsoever. Very satisfied on this end.

    Lol it didn;t take 3 months to get here btw, only about 2 weeks. sorry if misleading

  5. Cool how do you like it? I'm thinking about the 1000ml but I dont know if it would be too big or not. Oh and does yours have a carb hole? I've heard that most EHLEs come with a carb but I dont want one and EDIT shows them as not having a carb (or most of them)
  6. Ahh dude its a sweet bong. Good quality. Its got ice notcheds, and no carb hole nonsense. I thought about getting the 1000ml but ended up with the 500ml for lack of funds. It turned out to be the perfect size for me, and looks sexy as hell to boot. Won;t dissapoint thats for sure.
  7. you wouldnt happen to have a pic you holding or hitting it would you? sorry im just trying to find the best size for me. is the 500ml basically your normal width bong?
  8. Edit is a quality online headshop.. Its deff up there with GC
  9. Hmm, I don't have a pic handy but i do have the dimenstions, its roughly 2" in diameter, 14.5" high, and has a 4.5" base. I think there are vids of it on youtube.
  10. alright cool ill check it out. Oh btw louiswuenator you had it shipped to US right? what shipping method did you use to get it that quick did you ship through UPS or FedEx?
  11. Yeah, I shipped to the US, umm i don't remember which service I chose, perhaps FedEx?
  12. i ordered a roor from them. shipping was 30$
    got it in a week
  13. yea i ordered a small one-hitter last october, got it in like a week just regular mail.

    i found it kind of wierd that the return address was from somewhere in Florida not the UK.

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