Has anyone in the city fucked with real speed?

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  1. With the rising availability of adderall, many people are choosing to replace real speed with adderall because it's cheaper and more readily available. I want to know if there is anyone who's still pretty old school and messed with real speed, not like meth or anything but crystal amphetamines. it can be any of the amphetamine salts but i'm talking about speed made in a illicit drug lab not a pharmaceutical company.
  2. Meth. it's real speed
  3. well obviously methemphetamines and amphetamines are both referred to as speed and are chemically similar but not the same. i've heard many times over that it is possible to purchase crystal amphetamines, not methamphetamines but other amphetamines salts. is this true or have i been misguided? my first rookie question, i look like a noob haha
  4. speed is bathtub dope. meth is lab dope.

    i've done both, and honestly is meth is cleaner than anything its cleaner than speed. that shit is horrible. plus you know the redneck who cooked it up probably fucked his sister in that same bath tub within a week of making the shit.

    it makes you feel at least 5x dirtier than meth with less actual tweaking if that's any comparison for you.

  5. elaborate please? i'm interpreting it as speed is made in bathtubs and meth is made in a science labs? i've heard meth can be made in tubs too but i'm probably wrong, i digress. it doesn't really matter where it's made as long as the final product is what you're expecting it to be and i've heard of the final outcomes of bathtub concoctions and lab created drugs to be methamphetamines. i've never ever heard of amphetamines usage in the media so that's why i'm asking so many questions lol. i don't think rednecks would be making and snorting/shooting/smoking speed if they didn't get high. stereotypically, they're more associated with methamphetamines which is more or less accepted as true but i'm not really too sure... ugh, i'm so confused. someone please answer my questions. my obsessive self comes out after a healthy dosage of amps, sorrrrrrrrry
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    man i did not read anything but the 1st line.
    im so fucked up. u m speed is nasty shit hicks make in bath tubs, meth is shit thats made in super labs with real equiptment.

    god damn i feel all fuckin wDCWDFBJKS

    do some google searches and you should find some infos. search "meth vs speed" or something

    ok im feeling better now. i just ate a bunch of codone /some at once and smoke a blunt and it hit me too hard for a second all at the same time.

    basically speed is shit less than intelligent people makewith draino and random super nasty house hold chemicals that vary heavily. real meth has a more strict recipe that still varies a lot but not nearly as much as reg bath tub speed. meth uses more expensive chems and is harder to make than speed.its also way more potent.

    but all an all its a trash drug. sorry, chronic & opiates ftw
  7. when i say amphetamines and meth obviously refers to methamphetamines. they are similar in many ways but for the most part in the recreational use department are considered two seperate drugs and they are. i guess since i haven't gotten my point across i should clarify and say street amphetamines, but street doesn't refer to dirty, impure chemicals made by street dealers. street refers to drugs created outside the labs of pharmaceutical companies. again, i'm asking about street amphetamines, not impure, shitty meth. impure, shitty methamphetamine is not street amphetamines (if pointing that out makes my post any more understandable)
  8. I've used straight up speed before (not meth, speed :p)
    I like it.... a lot.... maybe a little to much. I think it swamps adderall, cept for all the cut shit i got in it :(
  9. so how would clean speed be compared to a high dose of addys? i'm not trying to see how many i need for it to really feel like speed, my curiousity is just getting the best of me, haha. adderall is more of a life enhancer and a powerful sense of well being. is speed the same way as well as an actual 'high'? like a bodyload and all the other things (more less) accompanied with a stimulant high?
  10. sorry for asking so many questions but it pisses me off how erowid doesn't have a street speed page so it's one of the more ambiguous of drugs to me.
  11. British speed is about 10% Amphetamine and 90% cutting agents, dirty shit you buy for £10/g
  12. Real speed is fucking crystal. Not no fucking cut and other agents in it. Other shit will fuck you up, but so will real speed.

    We've gone past that hell's angel's meth.
  13. Why the hell is everyone trying to decide what real speed is? It's just a slang term and can be Adderall, any amphetamines, crystal, Desoxyn. There is no "real" speed.
  14. I used to do it a lot in Spain.

    Lost 2 stones on the shit.

    And yes it was real speed.

    Dirty stuff.
  15. i think this is wrong.

    the difference is the actual chemical not how they're made...
    meth can be made in bathtubs or labs... it depends on the quality.
    most "ice" meth is made in factories in high volumes in abandoned warehouses or some shit.
    speed is a different drug entirely which i imagine is harder to synthesize since you never hear of street-grade-speed ... i could be wrong about that.
  16. The op clarified this though, he meant an amphetamine salt eg amphetamine hcl illicitly produced and sold as powder not pharmaceutical pills.
  17. You know how in the states you guys have dirty rolls that you call methbombs? In canada a shitload of people seek them out, they get sold as speed.
  18. I've had amphetamine salts before... it was in a little blue pill called adderol :p
  19. All i cant say is its more of a complete feeling. On addies i always feel like there is not enough, of anything.
  20. If you're talking about the same speed the OP is talking about...they're the same thing.

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