Has anyone hooked their pax up to a bong?

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  1. Just curious if anyone has done it. I want to do it myself but Idk how possible it is, or what equipment is needed
  2. Not sure about the pax but I know for a fact that illadelph sells adapters for bongs & vapes
  3. I've seen a video of someone using some rubber thing to connect it to a bong, I've been trying to figure something out myself. Some sort of rubber tubing I think could work.
  4. Post up some pics of the mouthpiece

    I know alot of people use a small section (1/4") of whip tubing for different vapes, not sure about the PAX

    I've gotten a 3/8" rubber grommet to hook up my Solo to a bong/bubb, but thats much easier since its glass and a circle
  5. Be careful of attaching tubin to the mouthpeice as it can weaken it, i use a big peice of tubing to cover the entire top 1/8th of the cyclinder of the pax and reduce it down to a 14.4mm gong joint
  6. Chad and poopdolla, can you guys point me in the right direction as to where I can order this equipment? Also could you post pics of your set-up if possible? Tell me what you guys would do with the pax if money wasn't an issue. I'm ready to drop 300 on accessories because ei want the best set up possible.
  7. I remember somebody using some sort of rubber electrical "boot" and it worked perfectly, forget what it was exactly.
  8. I put a inch inside diameter tubing and reduced it until it's at 5/16 ID tubing which i attached to a broken slide. Electrical tape to seal of any gaps.

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  9. Would be difficult to attach to the pax and it doesn't really produce a ton of vapor. The act of you hitting the bong would probably cool the oven down too much.

    I've found that the Pax hardly irritates your throat anyway, even on the high temp setting.
  10. First half of that makes no sense.
  11. Because you probably don't own a Pax.
  12. Actually it works just fine, if not great, even on yellow, and i have vids of it workn great, the only problem is holding the pax on the waterpiece is retarded and id rather just hold it to my mouth.
  13. Nice video, your setup actually does work pretty well. Maybe if I get bored sometime ill mold a custom plastic Pax mouthpiece that fits into the down stem of my bong.

    I tried vape bonging with the Volcano and I didn't like it. It would pressurize the bong which made it difficult to take good hits. Not too mention the sound of the volcano coupled with it forcing air through the water made it sound like you just turned on a fish tank. The pax would work better since you draw the vapor out with your lungs.

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