Has anyone here smoked the devils lettuce from bible paper?

Discussion in 'General' started by incrededibles, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. I used to think about it
  2. For sure! From many, many hotels I ever was in! It was terrible every time tho.
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  3. It's how I get my daily prayers in. If you smoke the scripture it becomes one with you.
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  4. When i first started blazin. Yes. Just because i was a minor at the time being desperate af for papers..

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  5. yall need Jeezaz
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  6. No, because I'm an adult who can buy glass or papers and I don't need to deface books with chemically laden paper.
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  7. Someone in this thread sounds defensive. Not gonna name names

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  8. Nope, never had too. I knew a guy who worked at the corner store. He was cool and used to crack wise about me smoking the wacky tabacci when I would by zig zag cut corners from him when I was a young scrub. he actually called it wacky tabacci .....
  9. Omg back in the old days when I first started I tried bible paper and it burned like hell I mean it did the job but the only problem was getting it too stick but imo just wait until you get papers it's not worth tearing your lungs apart.
  10. You get so much higher using the paper from this bible -

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  11. Yanno it is just a book, right?

    Can you imagine being published hundreds of billions of times over and gettin' pissed because one dude ripped a page out and rolled up a blunt?

    Okay...Jesus, I'm sorry.:coolalt:
  12. Someone in this thread is being petty, and I'm not afraid to call them out @incrededibles
  13. Smoking ANY book surely can't be good. I prefer not inhaling bleached pages/ink etc. Never been that desperate.
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  14. I have honestly never heard of that, I figure I'm still alive...He'll be fine.

    But you do you.:coolalt:
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