Has anyone here ever had cool/funny encounters with people on the slopes

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  1. I though i would post this because i just got back from Mt. Hood the other day, Timberline of course, and saw some cool dudes and had an encounter with a ski patrol later that day.

    So me and my buddy just got to Mt. Hood earlier that day and were ridding up the lift when we saw a few people toking up in the wood work and decided that on our way down we would check it out cuz i had an 1/8 on me and he had a 1/4. We rode down to about the spot we saw them and noticed them a little farther back and my friend pulls out his weed as we approach them and one of them waves us to come on back. In all of us there were 5 people and about 1/2 oz of weed so we smoked 2 jays and got pretty baked. We were about to head down the hill and one of them asked if we wanted too meet later and smoke some more and we said sure and we were on our way.

    After boarding for a 4 or 5 more runs and we went back to meet them and smoke some more. As we were going into the woods we were stopped by a ski patrol.

    S.P.: Hey, would you guys mind telling me whats going on back there?
    Friend: Ohh, nothing... we were just, hangin.
    S.P.: Sure, would you mind telling me what you were REALLY doing?
    Me: We were just hangin dude, stop giving us a hard time.
    S.P.: I know you were smoking.
    Friend: Fuck, man you cant prove any thing.
    Me: Let him finish.
    SP: But you both know that weed affects you memory and maybe i wouldnt remember anything if somehow i forgot what happened here.
    Me: Seriously? I didnt think...
    SP: I know, im am like the only SP here that smokes which kind of sucks. I was coming up the lift and i smelt the MJ so i looked around and spotted you so i followed you around for a while until you came back here. And its cool, i am not going to tell any of those ass holes about this.
    Me: Alright, follow us.

    We started walking back to where we were earlier but nobody was there. We decided to smoke there anyway. So i pull out my weed, pipe, etc and this guy pulls out this metal box thing and unveils this FAT ass joint (about the width of a large drumstick) and asks for a lighter :eek: . We proceed to smoke it and sit there for about an hour just talking about random shit until we decide we are going to head out cuz the lifts were closing soon.

    That guy was pretty chill and we had a fun time hangin with him and those guys we met earlier. Next time we go we are deff looking for that guy.
  2. Large joints never burn right for me... Idk how you smoked a drumstick sized one.
  3. thats actually the 2nd one ive smoked of that size.

    you just have to pack them REALLY tight or not that tight at all.
  4. he said it was the width of a drumstick, not the LENGTH
  5. I got chased off the mountain for skiing to fast. SP almost asulted me until someone else stopped him. Dude was so pissed, he was running after my car while wearing ski boots in the parking lot. That was a sight :eek:
  6. ^^^^^

    Nice, some dude was chassing me with ski boots on while i was up on this trip, and he was like 5 ft tall,

    i just about died laughing.
  7. I can't wait to go skiing again. Oh it's been a long summer. Fall is the best...I get so excited as the weather gets cooler each passing day.

  8. What other options are there?

    One time we were riding through the woods looking for a place to light up and we ended up passing a few guys that had already found a nice spot to smoke in. That's about the coolest/funniest encounter, other than watching people annihilate themselves trying to go too big.

  9. haha,

    its sucks for me cuz every 4 years in the northwest theres this thing called el ninyo or somthing like that and it sends all of the cool air down to cali and shit so we get shit for snow,

    i dont give a fuck though cuz im still getting a seasons pass this year.

  10. likin you picture.

  11. Haha, I thought you were talking about the Timberline in WV. I was gonna be like, :eek: I toke there too.
  12. Nice. I have yet to have smoked on the hill, but I know tons of folks that do it. All the ski patrol at Bachelor in Oregon do it. It's awesome :D

    Ok, not exactly a stoner story, but still a little interesting

    Once when i was riding up the chair, I looked down to see a grown man TOTALLY naked in the dead of winter telemark skiing down the slope like he did it all the time. Telemark. As in the one where you go into a lunge everytime you turn. And it was no discreet area he had chosen either, it was a nicely groomed and very open liftline run. I laughed my ass off with the redneck gentlemen I was riding up with. Probably close to the best and most uninvited visual of my life on the mountain.

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