Has anyone here done a water cure??

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by ElectricJW, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Has anyone done a water cure, after harvesting your plants? I remember when overgrow was still around there were some people on there who were huge fans of this technique, and I was wondering if anyone has done it on here? They were saying that you could do a complete cure in about a week, compared to month(s) with a reg cure.
  2. yep I used to be on overgrow I loved that site, but yeah you can do a water cure but you still have to dry the buds really dry first and then you have be on top of changing that water every few hours otherwise it doesnt keep soaking out the chlorofil. and it can be real risky as in if you dont go from real dry to soaking wet to drying fast again, then your risking mold rot, we did it with an oz once and did the water thing for like three days and we though it was a better smoke and flavor but way to much work for a large grow
  3. Yeah Overgrow was awesome, there were so much good info there.

    I remember them saying on there that you need to change the water every day or so. I've done the water cure on like a gram nug to see how it was, and it did make the smoke a lot cleaner, but it just made the bud a little darker. I just want to know how it would turn out doing this with freshly cut plants? Was the oz you used already cured, or was it fresh??
  4. weed should never be speed dried, it makes the smoke harsh, and you lose alot more weight through rapid evaporation
    it should be hung immediately after being chopped down.
    then placed in a dark cool & fairly high humidity environment
    (55*-60* & 70% humidity) this promotes slow even drying, & it cures @ the same time! anyone who disagrees should try it @ their next harvest on 1 plant.
  5. im planning on trying it if and when I harvest.... from my understanding you only have to change the water daily and leave em soaked for 7 days.... I havent read anywhere where it says you have to dry the buds before putting them in the water.... nor that it helps.... im just gonna let them soak for 7 days in water right after harvest .... Then dry them with a fan till damp... and leave em to hang dry till smokable....
  6. youre gonna ruin your weed! LoL
  7. NO !! It wont ruin your weed. I've done it (real time-real life) for several crops. It is NOT good for commercial weed...it reduces weight and smell. But I dont sell so I dont care. Also, the weight is less but the potency is higher ( same %thc but less mass = stronger weed). The main reason I do it is because it greatly reduces smell during harvest and drying. I go from harvest to water. Cut off branches, submerge in a tap water filled tub. I put a gallon jug on top to hold everything under water. Pour off and replace TAP water daily , everyday for seven days. You then dry and smoke. I use a Walmart (Nesco/American Harvest $20-30) dehydrator set at lowest setting (85F) for 8 hours. It REALLY does ruin the look and smell but all I'm interested in is the high...and keeping odors down. And thats FACT !!

  8. You speak w/o knowledge!!! You should at least google water curing and READ before posting here again. The city is not a place to show your disdane for others w/usless comments like the one above.

    Heed your signature!
  9. Its good to see some people on here using it.

    So when you do the water cure it takes you 7 days to cure it, then another 8 hrs for it to dry out, and this is it? :hello: THis seems much much faster than a reg cure, even though you might lose bag appeal and smell, but you also get it faster, and with a smoother smoke.

  10. 8hrs? no no. after 7 days of changeing water each day( cooler w/oven rack to keep bud submerged) you hang just like normal dry.
  11. Im too patient to do somethin so drastic to my plants!

  12. Yes, yes...No,no....I (ME) use a dehydrator for 8 hours.....YOU can either hang dry or do what I do...your call. But bear in mind ...your weed is now VERY wet. So be sure to avoid mold...ie....dehydrate or hang with mucho ventilation (aka FANS)

  13. you got me there. I've never done that after water curing. Is the smoke still odorless? I love water cure because you can smoke it anywhere.
  14. I live in Canada so you can smoke it anywhere, as long as theres no kids or cops around, knowbody really cares. the most I've gotten is somebody walkin by me shakin their head side to side, HA!
  15. maybe you should heed my signature, any process that speeds drying and curing makes smoke way less smooth, Ive tried water curing and I found that the taste was gone to shit, and it made me choke...
    so in my opinion that method is not that great!

    my cure lasts maybe 10-14 days and my smoke is barely noticable, but tastes so good during the exhale,
    but whatever, seems to me that some people have their minds made up around here, and are not open to constructive criticism

  16. seems the same could be said about you
  17. why do you sat that?
  18. i had some mids lying around and decided to try it. they weren't espeically good to start out with, but after the water cure, they tasted horrible.
  19. I dont want to start any thing with you suspect but I am curiouse as to a few thing, a majority of comments are are not constuctive but more like just criticism. you say in your signature you dont like newbe's that give advice. are we talking about new growers or new to this forum. I haven't posted on mj forums since Overgrow went down, so I want to keep the peace on this forum. I guess the only thing that I was really thinking about was why the fuck do you have so many threads that ask newbe grower questions. if your so experienced. but I will say props to you for drying right because your right if you do it right it tastes great. however I fucked up the first time I did a water cure and thought it sucked. FYI I believe in having the patients too so all my grows are a slow dry, but a smart open minded person never rules any thing out....
  20. I never claimed to be anything even close to a master grower, in fact im just the opposite! Ive only been in the game since Jan this year, so I havnt got that much experience under my belt, but......at the same time, I do understand the basics very well, and also own a few of the more recent grow books to refer to when Im stuck on something. my 2 fav being by Jorge Cervantes, his 2 latest, & that guy knows his shit.

    As for my sig. it refers to newbie growers who dont even have a grasp on the basics yet, and thats all I advise on is the basics, cause thats all I know for sure. & I think that when somebody that doesnt know shit gives advice on a topic that he or she knows nothing about is just idiotic, and it pisses me off. and thats y i put it there, to detere rookies, they realize there place and dont post, or they get aggressive and defensive. whatever!

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