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Has anyone here been to the bermuda triangle?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by iloveyoumary, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. And if you did, did anything strange happen?
  2. well i didnt know i had been, but i went on a cruise once and went through there on the way back, nothing happened.

    im going to grand cayman next spring break tho, maybe ill pass through again?
  3. i live in florida and i swear to god my house is part of that shit...bad stuff always happens to me
  4. its only like a mile off of the florida coast, i mean you dont really GO to the bermuda triangle, because theres nothing there but ocean.
  5. When i was in the Marines we were on an LST (its an amphibious assault ship) in the middle of the triangle. It was a very calm day, no wind, absolutely no waves, all was perfectly still. All of a sudden the ship comes to stop, no power anywhere, completely dead in the water. We sat there floating for about two hours while rumors circulated and people were getting nervous. Then the Captains voice came over the PA system, saying that he was just fucking with us, the engines fired up and we were on our way again.
  6. lmao

    thats fucking great budda

    iv flown over, not a thing happened

    its all bullshit
  7. doode could you imagine some rediculous random crap happening to you out there ? sucks cuz nobody would prolly believe anyone haha they would be like " Get that shiet out of here "
  8. Ive been but i never came back

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