Has anyone heard of this???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by malorumdeus, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Agroflash, and before any senior members jump on me i did a search .the add the company i work at says as followes,
    "this patented formula from France is capable of stimulating flower and veg production at rates you simply wont believe(a chrysanthemum with 7,791 flowers-and the list goes on)but we thing its most remarkable feature is its 100% mineral base_no chlorides, no carbonates, no sodium, and its oderless, colorless, and environmentally safe.)it encourages rapid cell multplication using the optimal ratio of 3 major elements, along with macro-and micro-nutrients.use one capfull per gallon of water as regular feed 1/2 capful to spray directly onto foliage.one liter bottle makes over 100 gallons of water.they claim to hold 28 world records.
    $9.95 per liter
    $17.95 for 2 (save 10%)

    does anyone use this stuff and how does it work for you???

  2. HIGH All, nope never heard of it. Is there a site we can go to?
  3. Yo, "god of evil", did u say you have to spray it on the leaves or can you just feed it through the soil?
  4. it looks like you can feed through soil or by misting, but i may be wrong about this.


    ps. good job on the name,
    especially for a pothead;)

  5. Yo, (1) who said I was a pothead
    (2) who said all potheads were stupid... ;)
  6. sorry for the accusations man, maybe the nature of the forum, name heavystone and the pot leaf avatar threw me off. it. but it WAS wrong of me to make assumptions.

  7. Personally i never touch the stuff.
  8. Main Entry: 1pot
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    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English pott; akin to Middle Low German pot pot
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  9. Well, I like to call myself an occasional puffer... :D I guess that's more politically corect in my case since I don't smoke every day like a lot of people on this forum seem to do... ;)
  10. where did you learn latin heavy???
  11. If you want GOOD fert for growing get Advanced Nutrients - http://www.advancednutrients.com/

    It's specifically made for growing bud. They give $300,000 worth of equipment a year to medical grows in Canada, and in return the growers use their fert and allow them to do tests. So they have scientifically found out whats good and bad for marijuana during its different growing periods. Then incorperate all of what the information into making a better fert for growing marijuana. They use part chemical and part natural in the ferts. Also for people that dont want the chemical taste, they got a product you put in during the last couple weeks of the flowering that flushes the plant of the chemical ferts. Pretty awesome shit.
  12. mustard is my NEW HERO!!!!!


  13. Just a little bit though... in highschool... can't remember half of the stuff... but occasionally I understand certain phrases.. ;)
  14. I'm amazed by that advancedgrow site. If you read through their forums they've grown weed with over 32% thc. I'd love to have that.

  15. ha ha

    so is canna and has been for the last 20 years or so.
    advanced nutes are good but canna deserves a plug aswell.

  16. Ha! Consider me a (new) happy user. During my last grow I used their Big Bud and Overdrive for the first time (among Canna-Coco as basic fert) and the main cola's became white, sticky monsters! Also the lower bud sites were fuller and whiter. Overall my yield was about 20% higher as usual.
    Advanced Nutrients is a keeper definately.
  17. Has anybody ever compared general hydroponics, to canna, to advanced nutrients. (Like 3 clones, same light, same co2 etc.... just like the different brand nutes as the only varible)???

    Now THAT would be interesting to see. :)

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