Has anyone heard of this strain?

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  1. So I was gifted about ten different strains of seeds. I’m new to growing so I’m trying to do a bit of research first. I decided to germinate three seeds last night of the Hindu blue x train wreck. Or so the packaging says. I tried searching for this strain but I cannot find anything on a Hindu blue? Has anyone ever heard of this variety? If so can I pick your brain on a few things?

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  2. I have heard of Hindu Kush mate & Hindu Cream! - Very popular (although i grew the autoflower)
  3. Same, and any research I try to do online points me back to Hindu Kush. Yet the label on the seed container says something different. I contacted the person who gifted them to me in hopes to shed some background on the strain. If not I’ll just run with them. Can’t hurt I guess. I’ll never know what it’s like if I don’t pop any so here goes.

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  4. Yeah man, run them and good luck!!!
  5. Train wreck is awesome

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