Has anyone heard of the strain L.A Lady?

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  1. I got a few clones from a grower friend called L.A Lady. I tried to do some research on the strain but can't find much. The name is thrown about here and there in some random articles but nothing about its genetics, or anything like that. Also its not L.A Women either. If anybody can tell me something about this strain or better yet have a link to some good info on it I would be grateful! Thanks GC:wave:
  2. I'm thinking some of the older smokers may know the strain. I got the clones from a guy in his fifties and says its an older strain. Any old connoisseurs out there have any experience with this one? Its probably indica dominant due to the narcotic and couch lock effect, and its very potent. One or two hits and I was stoned for hours!!!
  3. Really? Nobody eh? Oh well, I'll check on another forum to see if anyone knows...
  4. i read a journal of a dude growing it lemme see if i can track it down
  5. That would be cool. I asked the grower but he didn't know anything about the strain besides how it grows and smokes. I'm interested in genetics, phenotypes, sativa/indica % and stuff like that.
  6. LA Woman marijuana strain | Medical cannabis strain LA Woman

    Martian Mean Green x LA Confidential
    70% Indica : 30% Sativa
    Flowering Time: 9 weeks
    Yield: 450-600g/m2

    and that bottom part i jacked off another forum... i hope that helps a lil bit... but there isnt much information out about it compared to the other strains... i think you got me interested in it now lol

    hope that helps
  7. Yeah that helps thanks! I'm thinking L.A Lady and L.A Women are the same strain but name was lost in translation. The plants he calls L.A Lady look identical and the stone sounds exact! Thanks again outlaw!
  8. glad i could help man

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