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Has anyone heard of bomb kush?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by n.lightstoker, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. i can get a half o for 250 from my guy... whats ya think??

    And does anyone have an available picture or maybe an idea of what i can expect? I would just go look at it but my guy lives about an hour from me but always has best prices/quality. Normally a half goes for 400 here.

  2. :eek::eek::eek:

    400 for a half?! That sounds like straight robbery! I suggest finding a new connect because OZ's of top primo buds are 350 around here, and my area is known for being pricey.
  3. bomb is slang for quality, good, or nice.

    When someone says, yo i got some bomb mids, or bomb headies they are only using bomb to describe it. They are not refering to a strain name or anything.
  4. I think he's just referring to it as 'bomb' kush. I don't believe there is a strain actually named bomb kush but I could be mistaken... I've never seen it in any medical clinic though
  5. hes probably just making up names to make his weed sound good, alotta dealers do that to jack their prices up, and where do you live? 400 a half is insane
  6. wow bro im pissed if i buy a half o for 175 thats ridiculous. and i have never hear of bomb kush it kinda sounds like bs to me but who knows.
  7. i pay 130
  8. Your so COOL!!!
  9. This is what the Kush my homeboy grew looked like.


  10. haha thank you midwest, someone with respect

    and that kush looks bomb haha no pun intended
  11. lol he is a noob. 400 for a half is too much 200 might be right depending on where u live. if it's real bomb in NYC 400 would be a steal. usually for 400 u get some haze 450 for some s diesel and for kush over 450 if it's real dank...
  12. all ive heard like that is THC bomb
  13. midwest that nug looks good.

    no i havent heard of "bomb-kush" but every kush i've smoked, was bomb?

  14. #14 n.lightstoker, Feb 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2009
    yea i had a typo there actually :/ I started the thread from my cell phone...

    i meant to say 400 for an oz. not half ounce. your right though that would be robbery if i was paying that much. My dealer is really cool too, like he will buy shit from me and just give me a half ounce of whatever exotic he has for something worth only 50 bucks or so. :cool:
  15. and your a pussy!!
  16. Lol he's gotta be talking slang, i've never heard of bomb cush.
  17. I would LOVE to see you say that to my face.:D
  18. hahaha kush is always bomb
  19. yeh!...every potHEAD knows!!!:hello:
  20. i want pix!!!

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