Has anyone had numb body parts while high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LightnUpTheCity, May 31, 2009.

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    Whenever i smoke anymore, the area of my nose right around my nostrils and the whole tip of my nose gets REALLY numb. It's only been happening for about a month. I don't snort coke of anything, i only smoke bud. Anyone else get numb body parts or anything like that?
  2. You are not alone... Sometimes when I'm smoking some really good shit, my legs get numb.
  3. yea, my whole body was tingly and numb after a few bong rips yesterday.
  4. My legs or arms will go numb if I smoke a lot...but they don't really go "numb" per se.. more of like a spacey feeling...like your head's not connected to your body.. I know someone's gotta know what I'm talking about here, haha.

    I had that happen the other day while driving to work.. Hadn't felt that in awhile!

  5. yeah one thing that happens every time i smoke weed is my legs get numb. Its a nice, pleasant numbness. It kinda feels like theres a blanket around my legs.
  6. My throat closed while on coke... does that count? :p
  7. Numb?
    I dont evn feel my body most the time
    I forget i even have a body
  8. thats why i smoke weed:hello:
  9. Yeah, not as such numb but my legs feel very light :hello:.
  10. When i close my eyes, i see a catscan of my brain and feel my head floating like a balloon connected to my neck hahaha
  11. Yes, I believe thats why we all smoke, to acheive that narcotic body numbing effect. It is the greatest.
  12. my hands and feet because it was like 0 degrees outside.
  13. Mostly my legs, my genitals can get the same effect as well :p.

  14. yeah same, and my knees are like INSANELY warm, calming and nice, but REALLLLLYYY warm.
  15. sometimes my face gets numb right when i take a huge hit out of a bong or something, but never a lasting numbness
  16. when its cold outside, my hands get so cold its like their is no blood flowing. I sit on my hands often when im high in the winter.
  17. I know what you mean. haha, but like.. my nose itches and it feels really horrible and feels like i have snot running out of it, which i dont. and its just so fucking weird!
  18. OMFG Dude! Your avi and user name are sooooo fuckin' funny! Oh my GOD! I am dying!
  19. everytime I'm sitting here at my computer high, it feels like my arms are elongated five times their normal length, and they aren't there at the same time. Anyone else get this feeling?

    it's nuuuuuuuuuuuts
  20. Sometimes when I smoke, my left leg twitches. Idky my right doesn't twitch lol.

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