Has anyone grown White Ruski?

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  1. Ayo...
    Looking to score some White Ruski seeds ( mix between White Widow and AK47) and wondering if anyone smoked or has grown it. If so, was it tough to grow of easy? Peace
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    White russian?

    its an awesome strain.
    i think your not getting responses because russians seem to be the only people i have ever heard the word ruski from?

    are you russian ? :p

    edit: just looked into it, ruski is the russian word for russian. thats what i thought...

    also, i read that this word is offensive to russians?

    in the same way that the N bomb is for many reasons.

    so, sorry if you do take offense haha :confused_2:
  4. Serious Seeds WR is DANK!!!!

  5. No, do have some gypsy blood but.... NO...NOT WHITE RUSSIAN...WHITE Ruski is a cross between... AK47 and White Widow... wanted to check the score before I order some fems. I didn't name the strain, I just wanna order some seeds...

    Yeah it's a heavy hitter but I was looking for White Ruski.... 2 totally different strains
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  7. White Russian is AK-47 X White Widow:smoke:
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    That's HILARIOUS... I was looking on Marijuana seeds nl and their version was called White Ruski.....NEVERMIND
    Obviously serious seeds had it first,....my mistake....thanx guys
  9. uh I would strongly recommend going with serious seeds white russian over anything from greenhouse

  10. Right on man ...have you had or grown it? I would like to have some around....peace
  11. One of my very close friends did from seed and I got to see it about 7 days before the harvest and looked and smelled INCREDIBLE!!! This was almost two years ago, however the part that pissed me off was when I called him a two weeks later, allowing time for a quick cure, it was already gone! Someone he showed it to bought the whole darn thing before it was even done curing after only 4 days off the plant... It is going to be in my line up very soon but my attention is still stewing around subcools tasty strains right now... I am in love with his chernobyl, pandoras box, and querkle so far. I also have some long time local keeper strains I have to the side as well for old school funk. two of those strains are unknown origin but over 30 years old and still going strong as ever.
  12. Bummer:( That sucks...not even a little taste? You will have your own it sounds like though and plenty of it to make up for it hehehee. These other strains sound delish....how is the querkle? awwww man they all sound really friggn good actually....where do you get your seeds from for those strains? Peace PS....congrats on your 333rd post!_!
  13. Hahaha thats awesome! Thanks! I have the space queen pheno of querkle into flower at around 30 some days so I will let you know. Right now it is a frosty little bitch and is packing a nice sweet fruit flavor, cant really tell if its the grape coming out or not. But I pick my stock up from attitude, and world wide seeds. both are great places with good shipping. I just plce my large orders at the tude for the guar. shipping option and freebies. they have a once a month promo, check out the post they got going already here, back in the main seed bank forum, for this months freebies at attitude.

  14. Yeah man, attitude has been good to me and I am excited to grow some strains ... satori(daytime smoke) strawberry cough, strawberry haze and lsd from barneys...i will holler when I get things rolling...peace
  15. SS White Russian is one of a few strain I went back and bought again because I did not keep a mother. DANK!!!
  16. I'm growing it right now. In it's 4th week and 5 days today. You can get it at Marijuana seeds, just google white ruski.

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  17. I would say give it a try! It's really all about how you grow and knowing what your doing! Awesome strain I think you'll like it.
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    This is the White Ruski at 4weeks and 5 days flower, 12 12 flip
  19. This is the White Ruski at 4weeks and 5 days flower.

    This is the White Ruski at 4weeks and 5 days flower.

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  20. that is looking sweet, good job.

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