Has anyone grown in a swamp or marsh?

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  1. Has anyone grown in a swamp or marsh? Did they survive? I went to the place my grandfather used to take me fishing as a kid, and I brought a couple extra plants to stash somewhere there along the river. I found a place along the hill that was like a natural spring and the water was coming up out of the dirt and trickling down the hill. I figured they'd be a lot less likely to be found there then along the steam. I'm not sure they'll survive with so much water. The holes I dug had about 2 inches of standing water in the bottom. Anyone with experience growing in a place that's really wet?

    PS - The place we parked and hiked out of was campsite 420. No joke. I thought that was hilarious. I took some pics, but I still need to download them.
  2. i used to grow on an island of land in the middle of the swamp. when the water levels got too high the soil would stay wet for too long and growth would essentially stop. but when the top of the ground had the ability to dry out they would grow great.
  3. Ok cool. The one I planted off to the side should do good. The one more in the middle will probably drown. I hope they survive but it was worth it to leave a couple plants at camp 420.
  4. When i grew in a marshy spot before, i planted them where i thought they wouldnt stay too wet... just 3 clones I took from some Mango, put em outside the reeds and stuff at the swamps edge...problem was the water dried out so much my plants started requiring regular watering about a month into the heat of summer.. they were too big too transplant, so I left them but wasnt able to come out enuff to water and they got weak/droopy and then were killed by all sorts of bugs and deer. a spring is a great idea tho, as it should have a relatively steady flow of water all summer long, just hope they dont stay too wet...
  5. Stealth is harder in the marsh. I never did it. But off the top of my head. You would have to plant on big mounds. Draining water will be your problem. So plants have be higher up I would think. If water cannot drain it will rot your roots.

    Try some pots sitting on some dead branches or somthing.
  6. Check out "Maina's" 2011 Swamp Grow. (I'm not sure if that's the exact name of his pages here - sorry) but its in the Outdoor Grow Journals area.

    Maina is the Swamp King *lol*

    No shit tho - you can learn a lot from him in his Swamp journal.

    Good luck.


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