has anyone grown ice strain?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 305tillidie, May 3, 2006.

  1. title says it all.
  2. im growing it right now
  3. how long have you been growing it, what stage are you in? and have you grown it before? and were the seeds already female?
  4. i dont think u can buy feamle seeds, ive been growing it for a little over a month ,

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  5. nirvana sells female ice seeds.
  6. I know you can get Northern Light crossed with Ice feminized, got some in hand. It's brand new in the FemaleSeeds.nl X-line.
  7. looking good. i was hoping someone had already grown this strain so i could get a report. cant seem to find one anywhere but im very interested in growing this strain. good luck and lemme know how it goes :)
  8. nice i wish i would have known that they were available as feminized, its def worth the extra money. How do my plants look? im a first time grower
  9. ice sound like an awesome plant. Skunk Special X White Widow cross what a mix i never smoked it but i bet it would be great
  10. A little stretchy for what I know of that strain, to be honest. But otherwise seem to be doing good.

  11. i think a 10 pack of non fem is about 25-30 if i remember correctly and the 10 pack of fem seeds are about 90 bucks.

    plants look good like someone else said a little tall. 12/12 and post more pics when those buds are coming :smoke:
  12. Think i should go to 12/12 now? im going to use compact flourescents how many 42 watt cfl do ineed to get good flowering i have 4 right now in a 2 by 1 and a half foot closet
  13. tall / "stretchy" plants give you smaller yields in most cases.


    go to that link and scroll down to the section titled "Grow Lights FAQ" its a lil more than halfway down the page. read the entire article if you like, it was one of the first ones i ever read :)
  14. and yeah if those were my plants i'd go 12/12/ already.
  15. I planned on growing some ice before. I germinated 10 of them and all 10 of them germinated more quickly than any other seed I've ever seen. The seeds were a little large, and they all had huge, thick taproots. They all started sprouting quickly too. These were possibly the most vigorous, healthy seeds I've ever had. Unfortunately, I completely ruined everything by having them under the 400watt hps before I got my fan in there and every single one of them burned/dried out and died. I was so disappointed. I was going to order more of them, but they no longer have them in stock on seedboutique. :[ Oh well, have since moved on with other seeds...
  16. Interesting 305,
    The web site you provided said MH run all the way through is better yielding than HPS run all the way through. The consensus here is that HPS is best all the way through. I have not personally tested this theory though.

    Univ, has this plant been fertilized yet? I see some yellowing towards the bottom. Otherwise looks good.
  17. I think a lot of people don't compare apples to apples. They'll use a MH that puts out more lumens than a HPS and then assume that MH is better.

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