Has anyone from your high school days done "big things"?

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  1. Of course big things could have different meaning for everyone. But what made me think this was I just saw a YouTube video of a kid I went to high school with, on the Conan O'Brien show, along with William Shatner. Apparently they won a contest to be on so it's not like they were 'summoned' so to speak, but still I found myself pretty blown away.

    What about you all?
  2. A kid from my high school still has a YouTube show with over 40,000 regular viewers. I always think of icarly :laughing:
  3. I think there are a few chicks who dont have children yet,does that count?
  4. [quote name='"ssblind"']I think there are a few chicks who dont have children yet,does that count?[/quote]

    Yes, yes it does.
  5. My brother fucked Danika Patrick in high school
  6. [quote name='"Zeffel"']My brother fucked Danika Patrick in high school[/quote]

    Is is name Zeus
  7. pics bro, you know the drill.

    I believe some people from my high school have competed in the commonwealth games. Also another should hopefully be in the next Olympics for some sailing category.
  8. [quote name='"RooksYR"']

    pics bro, you know the drill.


    Pics of what? It's not like we knew at the time.
  9. And a girl swimmer went to Olympic trials and swam in Russia and Europe. Kinda cool
  10. David hasselhoff went to my high school. So did jeff hornacek a basketball playet. Lyons township
  11. Some girls have done some pretty big things.
    If you know what I mean ;)
  12. rashard mendenhall was in my sisters grade at high school, shes a few years older than me
  13. A kid I used to chill with is a professional drifter.
  14. A guy I played high school football with starts for LSU and is expected to go pro.
  15. hmmm.. ive hooked up with a few girls from highschools since then.I guess you could say they all did "big things" haha
  16. Apparently Franco Harris went to my HS.
  17. [quote name='"Forever Wavy"']Apparently Franco Harris went to my HS.[/quote]

    Franco harris? The ***** that mowe my lawn?
  18. Lauren Alaina went to same school as me. I still work with her cousin everyday. :)
  19. the dudes from Recycled Percussion (not very big, they do shows in Vegas and were on America's got talent) where a grade above me.

    i still chill with the brother of the dude who started it, cool shit, but nasty rich haha
  20. A teacher of mine dated Hasselhoff in high school, small world

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