Has anyone found their perfect strain?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sweedright, Nov 17, 2022.

  1. I have a question for all the growers out there. Have any of you ever found one strain you liked so much that you never grew anything else for a long period of time?
  2. GG#4 I grow it since 2016... No tolerance building in my case.
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  3. How have you been growing the same strain since 2016? a 6 year perpetual with cloning?
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  4. I grow different stuff but blue cheese hands down is my favorite.
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  5. I'm all about indica dominant hybrids...that blue cheese is right up my alley. Definitely going to have to grow that at some point. Thanks man.
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  6. Simply by keeping a mother. That's basic Pot growing.....lol
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  7. C99 x blueberry for daytime
    Shiskaberry kush for evening
    Both grow well in Michigan
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  8. i grew the same plant for 4 years just kept cloning it was Rainmaker by Ethos finally got tired of it last year now i am mad at myself they averaged 20 ounces per plant
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  9. I've found a few GSC-derived strains over the years that tend to do me best, but I typically manage to grow or sample several new strains per year just to see what else is out there.

    Growing new strains is one of the few things in my life where I can say I regularly "F around and find out", but usually in a good way!

    Looking forward to "finding out" on these Bruce Banner autos pretty soon.
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  10. I have a Death Star cut that I received back in 2015 that I’ve been running non stop since. It has that old school hashy, skunky, funk to it that I just love!
    It flies off the shelf, clients line up for the next drop, and it just broke the 30% ceiling on the last run. :love-m3j:
    Second place to my Pineapple Fields pheno. It hangs around 21% but has the most incredible terpene profile! It’s hit over 2% of just Ocimene alone. Absolutely reeks of pineapples. It’s another crowd favorite for sure:thumbsup:
    I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Bodhi… The Fuzz, Thunder Wookie, Space Monkey….
    Ok, I’ll stop ;)
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  11. My very favorite strain is . The kind a friend gives me for free. Perfect smoke . Anything free ALWAYS tastes better .
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  12. It's a struggle, as I am very curious, so I'm always looking for new strains to grow. BUT, if I found the right strain for me, i'd be happy just growing that for a while. I am building a list of strains i've grown that I really like, once I have a decent list I may grow each one again and narrow it down to the best 2. I did do 3 back to back runs of blackberry kush because A. I like it, B. I wanted to see what would happen if I cloned a clone (I didn't notice any difference with the clones of clones). What I really need is another flower tent, but you know........
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  13. Pure Gelato, by Vision seeds. Bought a 10 pack.10 gals in 4 different grows was the far and away winner, each time. Can't get them in the US at the moment though, no idea why.
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  14. yes, but it took me many strains, each which had something I liked, but none could ever match the strain I really liked. So after about 4 years of trying everything and growing my favorite strain only now and then, I just started growing ir exclusively.
  15. What strain?
  16. ah, you wouldn't like, at least until all covid shortages and delays are resolved. Then it may be a good stone for you.
    But seriously, I'm not an indica fan. I ran out of my usual sativa and the only thing I had left was a kush called Sucker Punch from autoeeds. And when it was tried, everybody said, now THIS is good weed. ah, to each his own, there's no accounting for taste.
  17. GSC, Gelato, Skittlez, Sherbet and Voyager 1, when I can ever find it. I think Oregon was the State.....
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  18. I started on bagseed of potent good mull, grew one plant at 16 years old, walked 3 kms from the hydro shop to home with a bulky hps 400 watter..a lady from my school cafeteria stopped me and said "wow you bought a range hood for your mum on mothers day!"..I said yep and had to walk home with it..
    Anyway first strain i grew one seedling untill it was nearly about 3 weeks from harvest and kept seeing the same car with a guy in the car, panicked and though he was undercover spying on me...Ripped my plant and flushed it.

    Then bought some fem seeds from the hydro store called romper stomper (aussie name for skin head)..they grew so well and everyone loved it. at parties sometimes id give away a quarter ounce or so and everyone lined up to get my number for more of it.
    Romper stomper is just white rhino backcrossed to a potent afhgani.
    Then branched out with bubblegum, blueberry, northern lights x big bud, apollo 11, ak48 (nirvanas ak47) apollow 11 finished within 53 days flowering but nobody pliked the psychadelic paranoia high..everyone lined up for ak48..grew that for a few years.
    then went to white rhino again and wished i never fucked around with all the FLAVOURFUL strains like bubblegum and blueberry.Should have just stuck with white rhino.
    I also grew NYCD and deizal strains sonc fly from mosca seeds was pretty good, my brother called it explorer weed.

    Recently grew chemdog 4 and was very happy with fast veg growth and only 8-9 weeks flowering, and very potent and nice flavour so will go back to that once ive finished with all my seeds.
    Growing bubba kush at the moment and its starting to look really good after a slow start in veg but will still go back to chemdog.
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  19. Gg#4 is a nice one too..I may have 1 or two seeds... But it's been super hard to find.
  20. The real GG4 was originally available in clone only form. If you didn’t get a cut, then the seeds you have are merely S1s. I’ll bet it’s still pretty nice though, those are good genetics:thumbsup:

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