Has anyone every grew a lowryder strain

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  1. I am really wondering if they grow like they say that do from seed to finish in 7-8 weeks i would like to give them a try while i wait on my other strains to mature
  2. They are short and don't yield nearly as much, but they are quick!
  3. I didnt think they were going to be a high yield but a nice fast in between crop to smoke while i waited for the other plants to mature and bud
  4. My guess is you are misinterpreting the 7-8 week timeline. I would guess its a 7-8 week flowering plant. Meaning 7-8 weeks of 12/12 after sexing. Germing/veg will take about a month at the earliest, thats 4 weeks, and then 3-4 weeks in flower? I could be wrong, have no experience with the strain, nor have looked it up, but sprouting from seed will take about 3 days. You're looking at about a month of vegging to get to 8"-1'. And then 3 weeks of flowering? Its just shown its sex in the timeline.

    If your looking at a seed bank and it says 7-8 weeks, thats the flowering period. And Flowering doesn't start when you swtich to 12/12, its when it actually sexes under 12/12.

    At least from from what I've learned/read/gathered during my first grow.
  5. ive grown 3 batches of lowryders
    u can do alot in a small space filled with them tho
    we had 4 plants and i think we got maybe 2oz from all of them (put together like)
    theyre really easy to grow good as a starter plant

  6. Nah man you're wrong, lowryder is an autoflowering strain which means the plants veg for like 15 days or so then automatically start flowering automatically without a 12/12 light cycle. And they do take about 60 from start to harvest
  7. i got Lowryder Easy Ryder AKA Lowryder #2 x AK47 from attitude seedbank. from sprout to harvest is 71-75 days please read the specifics on them before you make statements that are untrue.
  8. ive never grown them crossed with anything but from what i read they can be crossed with more or less anything so just choose from that:p

  9. This is a sample from the lowryder seeds from attitude

    Type: Indica, Sativa, Runderalis
    Sex: Feminized
    Genetics: Automatic AK47 x Lowryder #2; F1
    Flowering Time: Short, Medium
    Outdoor Harvest: 7 weeks from seed
    Height: Short
    Characteristics: Large yielding feminized autoflowering dwarf strain

  10. Like I said in my post, I was guessing it was a misinterpretation, and I could be wrong ;) Turns out I was :D I should have gotten a couple of autoflowers just to tide me over for my wait then. I vegg'ed as long as these take to fully grow it seems.
  11. So it would be a good idea to order a lowryder strain to fill in the gap of my Major Crop
    If i order now i should get a small crop just after Turkey Day then my reg stuff should be just about then. Thanks for the advice everyon :)
  12. yep for me too lowryders start to die off about 10 weeks i would say after 9 theyre ready to smoke:)
  13. Like i said thanks i am going to order a Couple Lowryder strains. To grow them during the veg time of my regular strains, Better to grow a quick plant then to keep buying buds from the locals.
  14. Amen to that.

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