has anyone ever.....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blueslip, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. has anyone ever gotten really stoned and then hung around your family while really high. also your family has no clue that you do it. sometimes when i get high i have this insaciable urge to just go and sit with them sometimes so they wont guess or be paranoid about it...anyone do anything like this.
  2. yea and good first post
  3. Welcome to GC. Dammit I burnt my finger:mad:

    I need to drink more so I wont feel it;) heh damn im fucked up:smoke:

    EDIT: ZEPPELIN RULES!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  4. ha, GL, nice 900+ post ;)

    actually, funny you bring that up as i just got back from the grocery store with my mom... they're taking my sister to the bahamas next week and i got 7 boxes of cereal ($2.00/ea not bad) oreos, poptarts, two bags of reese's eggs (mmm), tortillas, chicken strips to cook chicken parm for some friends, hot wings, some organic foods, and some burgers for when my buds come over the weekend before they get back.......needless to say i was "hungry"... i wanted to get every easter candy they had, hah....
  5. ha sometimes i do but i always think that they know but really you cant really tell
  6. When I'm around my parents, they are usually watching TV, so I can come home, sit on their couch and watch TV with them, they don't really notice, I just stare...haha.

    Toke on, my friends.:D
  7. my parents are always hi so it would probably be normal if i was
  8. when i used to live with my rents anytime i seemed to be doing something with weed like rolling or smoking my dad would be doing the same kinda funny. My friend:smoke: s used to get a kick out of going to the bathroom and seeing my dad smoke a J haha

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