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    used inhalants?

    Just curious. I'm told that just one hit could kill you.

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  2. I was always told that, as well. That's probably the reason I've never tried, along with the fact that it just sounds completely retarded.
  3. nope, unless you count occasionally hitting the asthma inhaler after a bowl. shit will rock you.

    btw, wrong forum home girl.
  4. Ive done it a few times back in high school..It aint that cool..lol Its pretty retarded now that i think about it..
  5. I whipped it before but i knew a bitch who inhaled hairspray LOL
  6. no, taht shit give u brane dmge
  7. we all have Gasoline is an inhalant if youve smelled gas youve inhaled an inhalant.

  8. she meant to get high, not unintentionally
  9. Ah,
    of course I post in the wrong place.
    still somewhat of a noob here. :]

    I wanted to try it once but not anymore since I've heard about the damage.
    I watched that episode of Intervention the other day with the girl who inhaled up to 10 cans of computer duster a day.
  10. lol people posting abotu inhalents reminded me of this nerd kid in my science class 8th grade like a long time ago.

    he was snorting/sniffing hand sanitizer. my friend walked up and said, "what the fuck are you doing?"

    and he said in a very nerdy way, " IT kills braincells!"

    we all ROFL'ed cause he is a n00bdrag0n.
  11. I can understand people doing most drugs, there are reasons for most of them... But inhalants, what the fuck? I cant even stand being around nail polish remover, there is no way in hell I'm going to intentionally inhale that shit.

    I've known people who have done nitrous oxide, but thats about as for as I can understand inhalant use.

  12. Same, I didn't even know that it could kill you, still don't know if this is true or not but I'd rather not risk it, so when I did learn I was all "fuck that, I'll stick with good ol' mary jane thankyouverymuch". And everyone learned a valuable lesson.
  13. Damn thats what I was just thinking of i didnt even see the episode just the commercial but the girl looked so retarded from inhaling that shit it was fucked up. I never even tried duster or any of that I think its really dumb it can kill you.
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    i had inhalants today..pharmaceutical grade nitrous and i must say it was quite enjoyable. household inhalants are a cheap, dirty buzz and i dont see myself being desperate enough to try them... nitrous oxide on the other hand, ill do a balloon or a whipit when its around.

    im amazed almost no posters have tried nitrous..realistically its not overly damaging to your brain and its a pretty nice feeling especially if your on other drugs.
  15. Now I'll only take whip-its (NO), thought I've done ether once and poppers once.
  16. Ive done duster a few times, it feels like a really dirty whippit, and makes you absolutely brain dead for like an hour.
  17. to vicious..poppers are amyl nitrate right? id deffinately tried them never had the chance though. what do they feel like?
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    Hmm, I'll probably have to try it again and tell you, I will in a little, from what I remember it's feels like a cleaner ether that doesn't distort time.

    Originally I was trying to get NO. I heard a local porn shop sold them with crackers and such, but when I got there they closed for good, so I went on a blind hunt in daytona (20 min away) for a random porn store hoping they might have it, all they had was poppers so I snagged it since I didn't want to go home empty handed.

    edit: come up feels like a whip-it, then it moves to your body and you become completely relaxed to where you look around or sit there in content. It breaks down things in your outward and inward perspective, can't explain it. It's nothing special though, I'd rather go buy ready-whip to be honest. It redirects my high though, such as I didn't realize how perk'd I was until after the popper wore off, or when my high is fading away it will make me realize how not sober I am.
  19. thats the hunter s. thompson shit right..the "this man suffers from a bad heart, but i have the cure for it"? lol thats what comes to my mind anyway...howd you go about obtaining the ether, ive read about an extraction but it sounds dirty and ive never came across the pure shit.
  20. I saw that shit too. How the fuck does that girl live with herself? I had to turn it off after a while... it made me sick :(

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