has anyone ever tried this method?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rippin-tubes, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. wut up guys, its been a while but sometime in the past i read of a method kind of like a modified S.O.G. the idea is to get you space set up and set up say 8 plants in a horizontal line, wait a week add 8 more wait a week add 8 more and so on and so on untill you have 8 or 9 rows and then your first 8 are ready to pick then the next week 8 more ect...... then you just replace them every week and you in essence have a perpetual crop!!?? the key seems like it would be small plants with uniform genetics.. any thoughts? :smoking:
  2. That is SOG?
  3. yeah thats what i was thinkin.... but i saw a few articles and pics. while looking around and it didnt seem the same. it looked like all the plants were pretty big where i envisioned a SOG setup to have nice fatties on one end then small veggies on the other?
  4. yeah dude im familiar with the basics on this method, i guess i just got mindfcked by the pics i was looking at... thanks a bunch :D
  5. No problem after re-reading you're post I realise that was pretty much irrelavent lol
  6. that is exactly what a sog is, just the harvest times are different, anyone could do that, but why when you can just have 1 big harvest and not have to pay the electricity all year long?

  7. If you did that you'd just start a second big crop when the 1st was done anyways. So where's the part where you save electricity? I don't think anyone wanting to do SOG would just want to do 1 grow a year.
  8. what you are describing is similar to a sog. the only thing that is different from a traditional sog is that you are outsourcing new plants from seed, as opposed to clone.
  9. nah, no seeds, but available space is the issue (heightwise) and im not looking for a mass amount of weed as i dont want to sell just some home stone:)

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