has anyone ever tried superthrive vitamins-hormones?

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  1. I just picked up a bottle at my hydro shop but before I use it I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with it?

  2. Some say it is snake oil and a trick others say it works as intended. I bet I can find 50/50 of those opinions.

    It is a product that has been around for a very long time. As far as I know the producer will not say what is in it.

    Does it work? I have not personally experimented with this to prove it. I can tell you that it won't normally hurt your plants. I have used it and had no ill effect. However I am not sure that it did anything either.

    It does seem to reduce transplant shock but I have no proof. There are probably better products out there for that.

    Some people use it for better root growth. I personally would not do this. There are far better products for this. I would even say the FoxFarm Kangaroots is a better product for this and that is not even the top of prodcuts for this purpose.

    Oh... Don't use the superthrive during flowering. I am sure some will disagree but it seems to me that it messes with the hormonal process during flowering and I have seen strange things happen including a higher rate of hermie and weird plant growth. Might just be me but I try and limit the "tonics" I put on during flowering to the absolute smallest amount and still get the growth I want.

    Of course there are gardeners out there that swear by the thrive. It has something in it and it does something but as for proof I have yet to see anyone prove it works including the company that sells it.

    next time I transplant I will put it on one plant and use something else like kangaroots or another product and see which one snaps back faster. Not a very good test but it is a start.
  3. hmm I guess I'll have to try it and see if it makes any improvement if not oh well I only paid 8$for it
  4. I use it, it's a vitimin, it only takes a drop a gallon on established plants. I use it for cloning, and transplanting, and general maintanance. I've had good results with it, but can't make any dramtic statements about it. If you have it, use it.
  5. yes I have and it is IMO great stuff - I am not a sales person but I really believe it works and this is why

    to make a long story short a friend of mine helped his dad plant trees by the thousands all over the world for humanitarian aid or whatever with some group of people, I dont know much about that I wasnt into it

    but they used to take 5 year old trees and plant them around fields to help with wind erosion for farmers who couldnt afford them, usually in 3rd world countries not the USA

    if they survive the first 2 years in the ground they are usually OK - he used to get about a 78% success rate

    then some guy came around selling superthrive and people told him it was just total crap dont buy it its a waste of money and all that shit

    he bought it anyways and used it on 1 whole field with the promise from the guy who sold it to him that it "wouldnt kill the trees or he will pay for them" he never said it would work just that it wouldnt kill them and apparently would pay for the trees if they died - probably not

    well it worked great, after 2 years he started using it on every single tree he planted to help it establish a good root system

    he went from about a 78% success rate to a 98% success rate after using it

    it is B vitamins and all sorts of other stuff but one things for sure, it doesent hurt the plants and you only need 1ml per gal so its cheep, if you dont think it works then you havent lost more then like $30 for the bottle that is 975ml so its good for 975 gallons of water
  6. Discussed many times on GC, try the search button...
  7. it has good stuff in it so its cheep and its not going to mess up your plants so even if you dont notice anything its going to prevent deficiencies and since its so cheep its worth it

    maybe its a total scam that makes tons of money sorta like phosophoload or flower dragon, there is an article about it on these forums somewhere but it was something like a +2000% profit or whatever but hey as long as it doesent hurt why not

    or like those magnetic bracelets that are sosposta help with circulation, they probably make so much money but people like my mom thinks it works (maybe it does) and it makes her happy and it didnt cost much so who cares - its proven that magnetic fields dont harm the body thats what a mir is so like superthrive it wont do any harm and could prevent something costing very little so again I say why not
  8. Superthrive is B-1 and IBA.
  9. there are many more things in it also, we once ran it through a mas-spec about 10 years ago I will have to call some people to see if they still have the printout and see what it says

    but yea B-1 and IBA are the main things in it
  10. I don't recommend it for root slime prone setup but it is okay otherwise. Personally I prefer dosing diluted tea to introduce beneficials than using b vitamin products.
  11. if you want to use it, do not use it more than twice in 2 weeks. thats when problems will start.

    before organics, i used it every time i transplanted. i would wait at least 2 weeks between each transplant, however.

    if you want, you can just use great white. it has the same vitamins in it as superthrive, i think.

    oh, and when people say a drop a gallon, they mean a DROP. like super small.


  12. Hmm that actually explains a lot, I've been using it once sometimes twice a week and a 1/8 of the tsp to each gallon and my thunder bloody marys leafs started yellowing with brown spots so I'm guessing that's what is causing it?
  13. I will talk about my own experience, been using SuperThrive since day 1. I will tell you my perception based on my last 3 years. What it does to my own perception is make my plants more tolerant to stress. I cannot vouch for yield because I had grows without it and the results are almost the same, however the plants without always suffer from sort stress at any given point. I use 1/4 tsp per gallon.
  14. I have noticed it helps a lot with stress, my plant I've topped and supercropped didn't seem like it took nearly as long to get out of its 'stunt'
  15. I was feeding it in Veg and had an issue where my plants would hermie. A buddy told me that it made his plants hermie so I stopped using it and haven't had one since.

    I kept using it in the cloner for a bit but ended up just using it for my outdoor vegetable garden.
  16. My super silver haze which I've been giving it to hasn't hermied yet but I guess its never too late for it too also, and using it for cloning? Same dosage to a gallon of water?
  17. I use it sparingly. I like to mix it in the water that I soak my rockwool cubes in before I clone. The success rate for my clones went up from about 85% to 98%. Couple drops once a week and my plants seem to love it. It seems to keep them a bit stronger and they recover from any stress better. Everybody has their own ways, try it for yourself. I started it on my indoor tomatos first. Figured if I was gonna kill something it might as well not be the babys!!!
  18. I heard it was horse pee
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    [quote name='"rapidcharger"']I heard it was horse pee[/quote]

    OMG "Horse Pee" Great contribution to the thread. Explain to us what you have heard. I put horse pee to my plants for the past 4 years and want to compare your rumors with my results.
  20. Really.. I was told it was horse pee from a hydro store guy. Aperantly if a horse pees on grass it grows like crazy. Lmfao true shit thats what I was told...

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