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Has anyone ever smoked Gwan?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by grandgrassrapid, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I live in good ole gun roo, aka grand rapids, mi and was in a dispensary the other day (proud MMJ card holder :D). I picked out 4 grams of 3 different strains to put in my jar while my caregiver was dry, and since i still had about 12 grams of g-13 i was looking for a downer, just so i could sleep at night. I picked out maple leaf, all time fav, some shit called El aquinderra or something? it was ak-47 X northern lights. I know i came in for some indicas but if you smelled what i did you would have picked some up too. Then, in the corner, the most expensive bud behind the counter caught my eye. Gwan was its name, and the bud structure, smell, thc content, everything about this nugget made it so extremely desirable. It was G-13 x hash plant x bubble gum. I got 2 grams of it, and paid the man 65, the gwan was 25 a g and the other 2 were 20's, but he did a nice deal. He hooked me up with 1.3 for the grams and 2.5 for the 2, just because he seemed to like me :) it was the middle of the day so i lit up a joint of the el aquinderra, all of it, rolled in a bob marley hemp. I had a headache coming on and that bud stormed my brain and bitch slapped that headache and told it to fuck off. It was nice :smoking: So i went about my business, smoked smoke more with my friends, and went home later that night. I had smoked about an hour before that but i wasnt that stoned. I got to my room in my basement, and cracked out my bubbler and broke up some of the Gwan. So now the story brings us full circle to the thread post. Has anybody, ever, past present or future, smoked gwan? i want to talk to someone who can appreciate the quality of this smoke. The biggest creeper weed i ever had, i almost damned this poor girl before i gave her a chance. I was sitting at my computer catching up on entourage about 10 minutes later, completely immobilized. It kept me clear headed yet still baked for close to three and a half hours. For someone who has a pretty high tolerance, you can all appreciate weed like that. I know it comes from eastern michigan, and im pretty sure its only one guy that grows it, but my question to the gc community: is this strain a michigan, brand new strain, or has it been developed and sold elsewhere. Its pretty damn sexy and i cant find it on any strain finder at all, so idk. let me know!

  2. what the fuck is he doing!
  3. Go Blue or Sparty?

  4. I don't even know hahahah. Saw it and thought it was hilarious. :laughing:
  5. sparty for sure, and east lansing has the best bud

  6. hahahahahahhahaha
  7. hahaha here in montreal people say they're gwan for beeing high XD
    'tabarnak que jsuis gwan'
  8. I went into WOW the other day as a legal cardholder and grabbed a quarter of the Gwan. I was very impressed by the smell structure and sit on your head high it provided. It's funny because I was wondering the same questions u were

  9. Allez les Québécois!
  10. Smoke green snort white!

    MSU number 1!
  11. Yeah smoke green snort white was a sign Michigan fan brought to a MSU UM game ragging on Jeff Smoker. Not very original and State is garbage. Go blue and GR has the best meds btw.

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