Has Anyone Ever Seen Seedlings Do This Before

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by jb1128, May 19, 2013.

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    I have never seen anything like this before the roots are growing upside down and this is the 4th and 5th time this has happened with this strain of THC bombs.....I dont knoe if I should try to fix tham or leave them alone, last time I tried toix 2 of them,they lived but got stunted real bad and the 3erd I left alone and it grew no problems but these two look even worse and itlooks like if I dont try and fix them they wont survive... 009.JPG 010.JPG

  2. that is quite odd. ur medium is very wet and the roots search for their nutrients so if their nutrients are up they will grow up. u want to only moisten ur medium so that it wicks to the bottom. keeping it soaked like that is confusing them. j m $.02
  3. strange as it my seem all that wetness is just from condansation,from being in the domeI put no water in those cups and very little water in the trayand with the heating mat under the tray the temp inside the dome is 82F so I cant figure out how they are getting that wet.
  4. UPDATE : I tried to fix them by transplanting them,since they where going outdoors I transplanted them into soil,the one in the first picture is alive and well,the one in the second pic shriveled up and died....
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    Very very odd. What are your specs on everything? Lights, medium, temps, ect ect.
    And how did you germinate? I'm curious..
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    Lights,I am useing a grow panel 45,LED and the temp inside the dome was 82F thats with a heat mat and I just used a starter plug I wet the starter plug waited for it to swell up shook the excess water out of it stuck the seed in it put it in a small dixi cup with holes in the bottom and put it in the dome,the seeds popped 24 hours later and in side 2 days they did that....and I used distilled water PHed to 6.0...
  7. When you say 45 panel LED, what are the diodes? 1w, 2w, 3w? But I would see where the plant goes after the transplant, just make sure its covered in dirt all the way to the top of the stem.
  8. Diodes are basically each individual LED bulb. But none the less just keep a close eye on the plant right now and post again if you need any more help and update us on how it's doing. :wave:
  9. Verry cool,will do,
  10. After the seed germinated did you make sure to put the seed in the medium with the sprout facing downward? If it was facing up instead then it is possible for the roots to grow like that.
  11. They are growing upside down!

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  12. The cup may have been too deep for the little amount of medium. That's probably why there's wicked condensation in there. Any drainage holes?

  13. You planted it upside down lol
    seriously you just put the root facing up probably
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    the grow medium should be moist not saturated like you have it...
    try putting your dixie cups on a plate and poke holes in the bottom of the dixie cup so it weeps out moisture...  then wet the plate, not the dixie cups...  get the cups just wet enough to allow moisture to wick into the dixie cup but not enough to drown the seedlings...
    the problem is you have too much moisture in those cups
    good luck

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