Has anyone ever seen one of these?

Discussion in 'General' started by HippieTrippyBudGirl, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. My son found this cool little pipe for me...Just wondering if anyone else has ever seen them? They look just like a marker, but it's a pipe! The pipe just slides into the marker at the end! A hard hitting little pipe, too! Anyway, I'm blazing with it and just though I'd share out of curiosity!

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  2. Yeah, I've seen them before...but it was a highlighter instead of a marker. Never used one though.
  3. Cool! They're awesome little pipes :)
  4. its called a chillium, and its just a hollowed out marker someone put it in
  5. Yea I just saw one of these at my local headshop. The ones mine had were all highlighters that actually worked but was a pipe.
  6. Oh, so that's what a chilium is? LOL! I was fixing to order a chilium just to try, not knowing what it was! I just started smoking again after a LONG break so I'm not up on all the new things :)
  7. this is a chillum [​IMG]
  8. Wait, mine has an opening on the top for the weed. Is it still a chillum?
  9. Your son found a pipe for you? Damn wish you were my mom.
  10. ya i seen um......good stuff if u need to be discreet.
  11. well, it's either a one-hitter or a steamroller. is the end opposite of the mouthpiece open? if so it's a steamroller, if not i would just call it a one hitter. i guess it's the same thing as a chillum, it's just bent at a 90 degree angle.
  12. yea haha this kid i knew in canada had one at this camp i went to
  13. Well, thanks to all of you...yeah, my son bought me a pipe :) He came to me when he was 17 and told me he was smoking weed (I was not at the time). I told him to smoke at home, don't drive when he does it...well, i let him smoke at home and he was responsible about it. Now he stopped smoking and I recently started again!
  14. It's not a chillum. I would just simply call it a pipe, because that's what it is.
  15. It's a smoking device :p
  16. Had a friend that had a highlighter one. Was pretty cool, but I only prefer glass pipes.
  17. My friend had one of those, but I think his mom found it. I never smoked out of it, mostly because it was plastic.
  18. my brother had the highlighter one. i had a zippo looking one.
  19. The pipe isn't plastic..it's a small metal pipe that fits into the end of the marker. I think this shit could fool a cop :)

  20. That is not a chillium. The bowl of a chillium is on the very top because its made to smoke upright in your fist or between the fingers of cuped hands.

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