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Has anyone ever purposely ate too many edibles just to see how it feels?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by kingklick1991, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Every now and again I accidentally eat too many and get way too high but has anyone eaten 2x or 3x too much? How does it feel?
  2. I ate a brownie and a huge slab of apple spice cake full of the dankest green butter for breakfast one day and spent about 4 hours expecting a trip to set in. It really felt a lot like coming up on some kind of psychedelic
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  3. Puking ensues....
  4. [ame=]The adventures of Spongebong hemppants ( spongebob stoned ) - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Yes, to no effect.

    My tolerance is just too high for edibles. I feel em, but never high.

    Seems edibles work great for new stoners, but not stoners who consume almost daily for 15 years +.
  6. I only make a batch of brownies every few months when I save up enough AVB so hopefully my tolerance won't go up too much for edibles.
  7. i ate a quarter a cup of cannabutter(bout 10gs worth) on some cooked carrots. WOW i was past the moon. i litteraly couldnt walk for a long time bad jello legs. sorry for crappy grammer
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  8. It's a kind of shitty experience. Cotton mouth from hell plus you're basically just suffering from dementia. Ate a half ounce in macaroni and cheese one time and couldn't walk for 14 hours.
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  9. Jesus haha
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  10. First time I had brownies, I ate one and a half from a batch of 12 that I cooked with an ounce of AVB. About 2 hours of being the highest I've ever been, followed by puking. Then I went to sleep for 13 hours and woke up high the next morning.
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  11. A buddy and I ate five one-gram firecrackers each one time.
    It was a really weird high...Dementia actually describes it well.
    Edibles don't seem to work for me anymore though :(
  12. It's something like a self induced coma. I ate 3 gs avb in some dinty more stew(about 6pm on the past 420) , was high for an hour and then passed out. Woke up in the morning and was high until 7 that night. I felt very fatigue and easily consumed by thoughts. It would take my girlfriend yelling at me for my attention to break off my deep thoughts and notice what she was saying. I enjoyed it, I want to do it again, but it really is not fun to be that high around anyone else, my gf was seriously annoyed.
  13. that was literally the exact response i had in my head so scrolling down and seeing yours made me laugh
  14. Bullshit.

    I've been a regular smoker for over 20 years.

    I smoke ~3 grams of herb daily and eat cannabis brownies and get high from it

    Perhaps you were eating some bunk edibles ;)
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  15. My experience with too many edibles happened the night Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out. It was mainly my friend that caused me to eat several fire crackers rather than the usual one or two I believe we ate 3-4 fire crackers really good ones. But I didn't know how good they were because I hadn't tried them yet.

    My friend had a bit earlier in the day so he was feeling high already and I was sitting around waiting for it to kick in. He was tripping hard while I was sober. The Twilight commercial came on and he yelled gay. Everyone started cheering and I yelled, "SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE!"

    The movie starts and they are talking to the goblin. I look over to my friend and he is all :eek::smoke: He was tripping out over this goblin he was like "I don't like that thing man."

    So then they are talking to the wand maker Olivander and he is like "Dude there is a bong in the background."

    It sure looked like a bong.

    So about half of the movie through I'm getting frustrated. It still hadn't kicked in and I had ate 1 at least 2 hours before hand and the other two an hour before that. Then the part where the magical shield goes over Hogwarts is happening and it kicked in right then and there. I look over to my friend who is way gone and I'm like "It kicked in!"

    Then we started cracking up and no one else was in the theater. Now the worst part of the high was when it was over. You know how you felt the first time you got high? That's how I felt I was tripping over everything. We had to sit in the car for like an hour so we could calm down and drive back. It was amazing. I highly recommend taking more edibles than you are used to every once in a while.
  16. Im a light weight smoker, few years ago I ate too much weed brownies and threw up a bunch time. It felt aweful.
  17. my first time eating edibles i had like an entire cookie from the dispensary and i ate it before my english class and I was sitting there feeling a little chill when BOOM it kicks in right in the middle of a quiz. I just sat there feeling like I wasn't even in the same universe as the rest of the class and every time I looked at the quiz paper the letters started shifting around like I was on some kind of hallucinogen. it was sooo tough to look sober through the rest of the day. then I passed out when i got home and woke up the next morning in time for school...
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    yeah ill usually just make an overly concentrated batch of butter.

    like putting 45-50grams into a half pound of butter and then make like 15 cookies with it.

    ill tell people like "only eat half trust me" but they wont listen...hahaha
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  19. 5 hubby bars last new years. It was awesome but I woke up the next day feeling like something had stepped on my brain. Wicked weed hang over
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  20. Used to think this, then I ate some really good edibles and got super high almost borderline tripping, like level 1 of psychedelics

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