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has anyone ever made smoking an anxious, sickening task?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hunteraugustine, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. it has never happened to me. never. whenever my parents or shit would call me when i was younger and tell me they knew i was smoking, it never fazed me, never made smoking any less enjoyable. but my "thingsarekindofcomplicatedrightnowandi'mgettingtiredofthisbullshit-girl friend" has made smoking something i even slightly fear. the weed makes me more sad than i already was. i don't really get the munchies anymore. and i'm always hesitant to smoke, for fear that she'll call me and talk to me about something i would like to be more sober to talk about.
    i apologize that this is long. i just smoked a fatty and am just kind of rambling.
    so i was wondering; is all of this just me, or have others felt this way, even if it didn't have to do with the opposite sex?
  2. dude, if shes making you that anxious because you blaze, she isn't right for you. go find yourself a nice hippy girl friend
  3. naw man, she doesn't care i smoke. i just feel anxious when i smoke because of her
  4. well honestly i can't really relate the closest thing i could think of was after i took a long t-break the first few times i smoked i hated the actual act of smoking ....but the high at the end was well worth it....

    really hard to explain i think i just hated the smoking part then so much because i just wanted to be high and didn't care to take the time to get high?....

    like i said hard to explain but closest thing i can think of to your problem
  5. I would get really depressed if I couldn't smoke because of nerves or something.. But, that's just me. I smoke BECAUSE of my nerves. It shouldn't be a burden. :/
  6. First of all bro that wasn't a long post at all. It's like a paragraph.

    Secondly, not really, that doesn't happen to me. But yes cannabis definitely lets your emotions flow more than normal, so if you are sad, you'll be real sad(or until you sober up and realize you wern't that down on yourself really, you just exaggerated your feelings to a certain extent). If you're getting like this, try to not get so high. Take a couple hits and wait like 10 minutes, see if you're content with how you are.

    Take it easy man and I hope you figure this shit out.
  7. thanks man

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