Has anyone ever heard of a DUI Check Point???

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  1. ok so where i live they conduct these random DUI check points. Basically the cops will set up a check point on a buisy road or even a Highway and check drivers to see if theyre "impaired" but really its alot more deeper than that as you could already imagine. So the cop is suppose to come up to your window and ask you questions to see if your drunk. But im pretty sure they also observe inside the vehicle, smell for odors, try to find a way to ticket you, even make up a reason for you being a "suspicious vehicle.

    Every vehicle that goes thru this check point is going thru the same procedures and inspection that you would go through if you were pulled over. Im pretty sure they inspect you and your vehicle a little bit more in depth too..How are they allowed to do this shit!? I've never been thru one cause I always hit a side street or turn around before I get to it. Most of the time when you realize what it is , its too late and your stuck cause they block off the sides of the lanes so you cant turn around. I thought that is a form of entrapment?

    This is SO fucked up, I've never seen it in any other county or state. Were loosing our rights day by day. Im pretty sure they do this because the crime rate where i live is so fucking low they need some way to meet theyre "quota" of cars to pull over and ticket and people to arrest. They do it randomly and dont tell you where but they do announce in the newspaper that it will be conducted over the weekend but they dont tell you which day. fuck this shit it pisses me the fuck off
  2. wow ive only heard of dui check points never actually seen one sounds like something that has our founding fathers rolling in there graves
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    make them waste their time. go 2 da gasoline station, buy some fresh tobacco and roll it yourself. smoke it while driving thru the checkpoint. they'll search you, pat you, search ur vehicle, etc.. until the goofballs ultimately realized that ur smoking a rolled tobacco, not a j!

    they waste ur time, waste their time.
  4. Hmm here in Arizona they aren't like that. Only been to one, I saw one coming up so I made a left down a street. But I made it seem legit like I was going to a house. So I'm driving down the street, as soon as I turn the corner I get pulled over. Cop asked why I turned before the checkpoint I said I was going to someones house. Asked me whos, asked me if I was drinking, etc etc. He apologized and said it looked like I was trying to avoid the check point.

    Yeah no shit sherlock I was.
  5. They're obviously unconstitutional, but for some reason a few states have ruled for their legality. It would appear that the Bill Of Rights means nothing anymore.
  6. This. It hasn't for years.
  7. I live in a dry county in kentucky...So we got Bootleggers and moonshiners out the ass here ive seen stations in the backwoods that will just blow ur mind lol and the shine will also.. But this check point thing is new to you all??? its been happening here in kentucky for about ever once or twice aweek you will see them all over the place and on Momorial day jesus just stay home... cause theres like one on every street it seems
  8. damn, yall are some lucky fuckers..these things are alllll over the place around me, mostly on weekends. And during a so called drinking holiday, i am guaranteed to go threw at least one that night.
  9. They have them up here, usually only during big holidays like christmas or new years when people are more likely to drink and drive. I don't know if it's because I'm in Canada or what but I don't think they're as intrusive as you make them out to be, they're just doing their job and trying to make the roads safer for other drivers. If you're not doing anything illegal you don't have anything to worry about.
  10. Here they tell you on the news ahead of time. Dunno if the news stations don't support it. Or they are just telling you. I Like the idea of trying to catch drunk drivers. But this is just fucked up.
  11. Here in NorCal the Highway Patrol and local agencies run them most every weekend somewhere:mad:

  12. lol yeah they do that on some radio stations too, and they tell you where speed traps are if someone calls in.
  13. we have them in southern california, although VERY rarely, on the busiest streets usually near the universities and usually on the weekends.

  14. This.

    I'm actually surprised that more people hadn't heard of them or been through one. They have them all over where I live and go on various times of the week. This one county where I used to live is really funny with them. They would set up between 5pm-7pm not in the evening or early early morning when it would make more sense.

    Of all the times I've been stuck in one no one's ever searched my person or my vehicle. They go pretty quickly. Ask for license, officer just looks it over, asks if you've been drinking, if you say no and seem okay then you're good to go.

    They never (in my area) really try to find a way to give you a ticket for anything unless you're drunk because they know sure as shit that some moron is going to come through so drunk he thinks he's sober.

    It's also the same procedure with seatbelt checks, if you pull up like an idiot and don't have a seatbelt on, they will ticket you but rarely search for some other reason to get you.
  15. I've never actually seen a DUI check point, but I've gone through some Seatbelt check points in my day.

    Actually got busted for not having my seat belt on while I was in the passanger's seat, I thought there was just a lot of traffic but then outta nowhere there was two cops on either side of the car.

  16. I've never had to deal with this in the Pacific NW.

    But in addition to this, I have also heard about checkpoints in the mid-west, where they'll set up some kind of DUI or Drug checkpoint, when there is not actually a real checkpoint there. And they'll just pull over anyone who tries to avoid it.
    Like... they'll have cops stationed at the rest-stops or other turn around areas right after the "checkpoint" sign, and stop anyone who tries to turn around there and such.

    Just something to keep in mind. :smoking:
  17. They love DUI check points in PA, ive been through 2
  18. I live in KY too, only seen a few checkpoints though. I think the occasions I have encountered one are like 4th of July, holidays and shit like that
  19. Never had one here in Texas. On NORML Show Live they've been talking about them a lot lately. They sound like complete BS to me, but we also live in a country where a plant is illegal so idk.

    Lol @ avoiding them and getting pulled over and then the cop apologizing to you :D!
  20. Pull you over for what?

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