Has anyone ever had eye wiggles whilst smoking MJ.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by syk0naut, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Like right now, I have some eye wiggles going on as we speak from just smoking MJ. I don't know whats goin on.
  2. What do you mean "eye wiggles"..? Do you mean it seems like you're seeing in frames? Then yes, I have. It's a quite common effect (well at least it is in my town).

    Are you new to pot?
  3. You're twitching, lol. Yeah I start twitching all over my body when I smoke alot.
  4. Naw brah. Been tokin' for atleast 2 years. Just have always wondered. And I don't really mean with frames..just vision like your eyes are bobbin back and forth to like.. a beat.
  5. Yea I know what you're talking about. If I look at something and keep looking at it, it seems like my vision is shifting side to side. I actually enjoy that effect, enough that I learned to do it when I'm sober too
  6. Eye twitches are often neurological problems
  7. only happens to me on ecstasy
  8. I have a nystagmus (permanent eye wiggles that I can't control). They usually dont wiggle any more when I smoke. Especially when I drink they'll be dead still. Which is weird.
  9. Only when I'm rollin.
  10. yuh only on x
  11. all the time
  12. Taken from an older post of mine.

    I know that thc inhibits acetylcholine esterase and that enzyme brakes down acetylcholine. So because your acetylcholine cant break down it builds up and it binds to muscle receptors which reslease sodium. Sodium then depolorizes the cell membrane wich carries impulses to the sarcoclasmic rititulum. This then releases calcium. The calcium then binds to tropinin. It shifts the tropinin/trotomyosin complex. This allows actin to bind to myosin and this causes muscles to contract.

    This is the explanation for muscle contraction.
  13. I knew this kid, he was a buddy of mine, back in Kansas City.

    When this dude would toke, his eyes would fuckin' seziure, or it looked like it.

    They would move horizontally, left and right, spasticlly fast. It was incredibly weird.

    I thought he was the only one, I'll have to call him up and let him now hes not alone.
  14. i know someone who's eye's are permanently like that, have been all his life.

  15. Id call that seeing frames. walk around when that happens to you it will be like youre watching a slide show

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