Has anyone ever grown these strains from msnl?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DrewTang, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Pure Power Plant
    Hindu Kush
    White Rhino

    Looking to pick up some different strains, looking at the regular seeds of all these. If you've ever grown any of these I'd love to hear about your grow. Difficulty, yields, time to harvest, any of your techniques from the grow, if you bought these strains as regular seeds how many popped female/male, etc. Let me know friends, Thanks!
  2. I know this has nothing to do with the strain you asked about but check out my first grow it was there Bubble Gum auto seed I would deff recommend it

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  3. Yo where can I check it out at? Link it if you can
  4. Awesome looking grow bro, 100x better than my first lol. I used low rider auto by nirvana. My lighting and soil was shit though bro. What was your lighting on that plant? Is that a red and blue led? And what soil did you use? Did you use the same soil from seedling all the way to harvest? Also, at what day were you able to harvest?
  5. I harvested on day 64 got a total of 77gs dry weight and I was using a 300w viparspectra led light and yes I used the same soil the whole way threw but it was just random potting soils from Walmart thrown together lol

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  6. Damn man that's solid as hell. But yeah, I picked up some random shit soil from Walmart lol, I got gnat infestation at one point, ruined my whole grow. I got fox farm ocean forest for my next. Yo msnl gots a big summer sale right now, I'm going to pick up a bogo of Carmeliscous auto, 10 total seeds for around $50 with the stealth shipping, so you may want to look into their other deals. I was asking about those other strains though cause I may pick one of those up regular as well too
  7. Just curious have you ever grown there lowryder 2?

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  8. Naw never. My only seed purchase ever so far has been low rider auto from nirvana
  9. Hey bro, random question about your light and your grow. I'm looking at the light online, I see it has a veg and a bloom option.. for your grow, how did you run your lighting? Did you use both types of lighting the whole grow, or each type for the appropriate time? Let me know your details please

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