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has anyone ever grown their own plants and not had any weed to smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by glassdarkly, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. I am almost out, but I got my seeds. Just waiting on my grow equipment that I ordered. I don't feel like bugging someone I don't know to sell me pot. So looks like I will be smokeless for 3 months.
  2. Ive grown 4 times now. Every time getting a nice big beautiful plant. None of those times did i get ANY smokable weed.

    If i was you i wouldnt rely on the plants definitely having a yield, id grow those and buy stuff in the meantime..
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  3. Perhaps you had a male plant?

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  4. Really? The buds weren't smokable? That is crazy. I hope my current research and future researching prevents that. I would hate to grow and not have a decent plant to smoke.
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  5. Its not that it wasnt smokable, i just never got any weed at all from any of them
  6. Then you did something wrong bud. Even the lowest yielders will give you some smokable bud. With a month of veg from seed dude should get about an ounce. 60 day veg is where it's at though. It goes from 1 oz to more like 4 or 5. Just make sure you don't smoke it all in a week. It's a lot easier to do than it sounds. Also plant about 5 or 10 seeds because you will have males and hermies. The odds of planting one random seed and it being a female that's not going to hermie is pretty slim.
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  7. In my opinion ladies and gentelmen.Everyone that smokes should grow,there shoulden't be a what so called "dealer" bullshit.Hell it will be even legalized faster that way,think about it.
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  8. OP if you JUST got seeds, you'll be waiting longer than 3 months until you can smoke what you grow. Just keeping it real. You're looking at least 4 months to harvest from seed, which includes a full grow cycle period in seedling, veg and harvest phases. Not to mention the dry/cure time after harvest, 3-4 weeks give or take...minimum, for both combined.
    Growing from seed indoors = 5 months turnaround time. From start to smoke. That's a realistic timeline, and it's why so many people grow from clones and get that 3 month cycle....4 grows per year indoor. You gimped yourself by starting from seeds, and also increased your risk of failure by starting from seed versus clone, if you're a beginner.
  9. did you change the lights from 18 hrs to 12? like vegetation - flower
    If you "never got any weed at all from any of them", then what exactly is it that you smoked?
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    Sometimes i run out, but mostly got some hash around..
    If ur growin a plant and not getting anything smokeable youre doing it wrong :p 
    Smoking atm and eating barbeque chicken schnitzel and rice with spicy sauce.
    My plant atm is flowering and will finish in 7 weeks or so atm, some kinda skunk no1 variety :)
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  12. Running out is the reason I started growing my own. I've haven't ran out since then, from seed I harvest at once every three months and get enough to last until next harvest and share with others.
  13. To quote the Beatles song:
      "Sky of blue and  SEA OF GREEN, in a yellow submarine".
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  14. Grow a years worth at one time.

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