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Has Anyone Ever Grown F-13?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AK Infinity, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Peace and love fellow growers, hope all is going well with your grows and such. I'm making a final decision on what I want to grow next and I was wondering if any of you has grown or knows someone that has grown DJ Short's F-13. His description by this picture on Dr Chronic's website sounds way too good to be true. I'm really fucking sick of couchlock varieties at this point and long for the inspiration of a more up high and according to him this is a Holy Grail type of plant with a long lasting UP high. Is it truly as good as he says?

    Holla back brothers and sisters.


    DJ Short's F-13
  2. Wow, that bud looks dank as... oh, oh damn, I just creamed my pants. I... I gotta go now.
  3. Shitttttttt...sorry I can't answer, but...shitttt
  4. there are lots of good sativas that give a pretty good up high. In the book Cannibible 2, there are about 100+ very good "cerebral high" sativa strains with pictures and descriptions (gonna buy it this week) Give it a try tho and tell us about it and post some pics.
  5. Yeah, I actually think I am gonna give it a shot after my lastest crop finishes and see what happens.


    Stay green!
  6. Looks like some killer sativa. Good luck with growing.
  7. i dont grow much, but right now i wanna fuck that plant in that pic. i literally wanna fuck it. lol.

  8. lol!
  9. thats one nasty looking bud, if you are lookig for a uplifting high check out the hawaiin strains,,there supposed to be very energetic,,spiritual type high,,,one of my future grow strains.

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