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Has anyone ever felt like this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kodijoe, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Ifs hard to explain but I'll do my best. I have been smoking weed for years now and have been super high and have got medical. I'm am no means a beginner. My buddy brought weed over and we smoked and, I have body warmth and almost feels like pulsation and warmth in patches. But what scared me was I was like down on my pillow and I felt like I was locked up and couldn't move my head or open my jaw. Almost the feeling of sleep paralysis. Only was 10-15 seconds like and then I was fine, happened three times, also noticed I was getting way spacey too like driving and my body felt loopy and mushy. I'm thinking panic attacks? I just want to see what people know about this... scares me
  2. You smoked more than you can handle. See:

    "They call me Sub-Zero because I'm freezin' niggas"
  3. Def don't sound like a panic attack. Jaw locking up?! Never heard about that with weed. Neither the warmth in pulsating patches. Does it pain or feel harmful?
    Weed don't do them things by itself. The closest I can think is that weed does in fact stimulate your astral and pranic body so the sensations you were experiencing could have been like a wound or injury on one of those but I def have never felt that. I feel my astral body all the time but it is a pleasant feeling for me...u may be different I'm not sure unless maybe you say more...
    When u get a 'body high' that is your subtle bodies you focus on this is why it 'feels' good and relaxing and pleasant usually. I'm no doc and that particular thing never happened to me and weed does not harm u directly...indirectly if you cough too hard and pull a muscle or something but u ain't gonna smoke weed and get sick or anything unless it has contaminants in it. If you over do it on weed u may sleep or get a headache or something but...
    Maybe your friend's hands were dirty when he cleaned the weed. Smoke some more from somewhere else and see how u feel.

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  4. My body high's feel like I am having a constant mild body "orgasm". It's an amazing feeling and it's what makes cannabis the great healer that it is, in that it puts the mind and body in a pleasurable state, at least for me.

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