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Has anyone ever bought this vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smokerjoker, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I'm in the market to buy a vaporizer. Has anyone ever bought or tried this one? How easy is it to use? What do you guys think of the price?


    I've got a small vaporizer now, but I feel like it's too hot for the bud, as it chars after it vapes, but it's also really quick, and I'm only buzzed after using what would get me toasted if smoked. In other words, it sucks. I'm not really looking for anything fancy or expensive, like the volcano.

  2. why don't you try looking at some vaporbros vaporizers

  3. Alright, I like it better than the one I showed you. Have you personally used this one? What did you think? Can anyone else give me an honest review?
  4. Yeah, that one is legit.

    Except the one I have has a little digi number on the front to tell you the temp.
  5. I would definitely go for a vaporbrothers or a da buddah. I can attest that whip vapes in general are the best thing since sliced bread. I have a china made that i bought simply because it was cheap but if you are willing to spend 180 why not save 20$ and get a da buddah that you know you can trust. Free repairs for three years and any repair whatsoever is just 25$ including return shipping after that. It will be my next purchase for sure. I have a thread reviewing my china made here. Dont know if thats a link or not but if not you can copy paste.
  6. I have a Vaportech one and used to have a Volcano so I can only vouch for these two. The Vaportech you load into a tiny glass tube and you have to suck really hard through this plastic line. It takes a while to heat up and you don't know when it's done, but it does the job. I find the glass tube to be hard to clean though. The Volcano had the digital settings so it was supposed to be easier, but I didn't get as high from it as I do from other methods. I ended up selling it. If you're getting it for health reasons, vaporizers are a good investment to take the place of joint smoking, but if you're looking for a healthier way to smoke (versus joints, bongs, etc) but are okay not giving up smoking altogether, try making a gravity bong. It was how I first learned to smoke and how I smoke a lot now. You're only using a pinch of weed and you're shotgunning it into your mouth, so you're more so breathing in the stream of smoke instead of sucking at it like with bongs and joints. I use a BC Chillum with a Gatorade bottle because I don't have the patience to make my own cap, but GB's aren't hard to make.

    Also, if you live in CA or anyplace that has medical, there are some clubs that have vaporizer lounges where you can try out the vaporizer. Good luck!
  7. sorry no i haven't personally used a vaporbrothers. but i think the general consensus around these forums is that they are good quality.
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    I've only owned the Silver Surfer and Da Buddah. Myself and others like the wand vaporizers best. The price is great too.

    From what I can tell, that one in the original post looks decent, but doesn't have any ability to hold the wand in place if you wanted. Also you can use the Silver Surfer or Da Buddah with a bong. Also if the wand is angled downward, its contents may spill into the vaporizer?
  9. i own a vaporbrothers its sweet, way better than that piece of junk and its cheaper and has sa better warranty. you can check out da budha its legit to.

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