has anyone ever been in trouble because of weed

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  1. like ive been caught by my parents or random people lots of times but not cops

    i was wondering if anyone has had to deal with that? like how you get caught and what happened to you afterward.
  2. Yes, sophomore year of high school. I was stupid and i really hate that it happened. The only thing i got from it is a lesson to be careful in public places. The administrator who caught me was and is an asshole and i don't feel like saying details at the moment but whatever.

  3. lmfao people in there give the worst advice like wtf "honesty is key" lol

    theres no way honesty can help you in a weed situation
  4. Shortly after turning 18


    1 week in jail
    2 years probation
    Around $550 in costs

    The possession and paraphernalia was all me.. my friend was selling and I wasn't though. I pretty much ended up taking that charge for him since after I got charged he got let off.
  5. possession+paraphernalia
    possession+paraphernalia+driving under the influence of mary-gee-wanna

    probably should have got caught at least 20 other times but i got pretty good with cops as a result

  6. did your car smell like weed?

  7. yes always. i was reckless and didn't give a fuck.

  8. i think reeking cars and trying to sell to undercover cops are the only ways ive seen people busted

  9. you haven't been to the real life stories section of this forum then :laughing::smoke:
  10. lol nope

  11. nah in real life i mean
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    Got caught junior year in high school, Got possession. 6 months of probation and 50 hours of community service.

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