Has anyone ever been in situation #101 before

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  1. yab = You, anyone else, both

    Situtation #101 is:

    Whether yab (you, anyone else, both) is awesome or not and some people say yab is awesome while other(s) say no and even verbally/physcially/both harm or hurt yab?

    Basically has anyone ever been in any situation(s) where a person(s) have said a person(s) are awesome but other(s) disagree and an argument or worse or both happens?
  2. Holy shit, what a vague question.
  3. if you have to explain the acronymn..whats the point of having one
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    acronyms will be the downfall of our society

    I mean... AWBTDOOS
  5. I understood it.

  6. nobodies disagrees with me being awesome, so i've never run across that situation.
  7. who the fuck doesnt think im awesome

  8. couldn't stop laughing at this haha
  9. Does yab know awesome or more? Maybe an argument but situation said a person are awesome but yab is physically. Verbally worse maybe others happen while anyone, no.


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