Has anyone ever Astral Traveled?

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    I know someone here has.

    What was it like? I mean, how did you do it?
    I just want as much information on the subject as possible. Even book references would be appreciated.

    Astral Travel has always intrested me alot. I used to try to Astral Travel every night for several months but with no reward.
    I personally think that astral travel, like Lucid Dreaming, is one of our minds lesser known abilities that we have to evolve our minds to be able to do. I think we all have the ability to do so, it's just our minds have to be conditioned for it.
    I Lucid Dream all the time, and I think Astral Travel is the next rung on the ladder of spiritual achievement for me.
  2. Well, I don't recall Astral Traveling, although it is believed that people do this without recalling it ((just another forgotten dream)) But I have experienced Astral Projection a few times while awake.
    It's pretty messed up, I was able to see more than my regular field of vision could ever allow. I saw able to see myself at some point. I was able to see around several corners at the same time, like my mind was processing multiple fields of vision at once. It didn't last long and I was in a trance like state for most of it.
  3. I've had an OBE before. I was in my room and everything was clearer or like HD. I walked around. But after a while I zipped back into my body. I did it while doing the WILD technique(Wake Induced Lucid Dream) I don't know if there's a diff between obe's and lucid dreams.
  4. I have before and I knew it was real because I was suddenly woken up as if I were in a dream. Its like the sudden jolt of waking up from a nightmare when you return to your body. I was stretched out in my bed doing light breathing and imagined I was walking around in my room when this happened although it was more like me walking through the corridors of my memory. Felt real as hell though
  5. I won't give anyone information on astral projection, because should you ever actually astral project and not just have a very vivid/lucid dream/imagination, there are in fact dangers to it. There is not much danger in mental wandering/projection, but true astral projection is another story. I can give you this information for those who have seen the "silver chord" during a supposed astral projection. Take a look at your body, does it look like your sleeping? Are you breathing? When you actually astral project your body will clinically die, meaning your heart will only beat once or twice per minute and you won't breathe. What books tell you how to do is mental wandering, and there won't be a silver chord, so if you see it because that is what your told you will see, that is a dream/imagination.

    When you truly astral project, both your mental and astral bodies leave your body. This leaves your body as sort of a car with unlocked doors with the keys in it. Any passing spirit can then inhabit your body if you do not know the necessary precautions to take. If someone were to touch your body in this state, the chord would break and you would die instantly. Even a loud noise is enough to significantly damage the chord causing a variety of disorders, essentially causing insanity.

    If you want to truly project, there is a lot of previous work that must be done to build a proper foundation for it. Most mages/initiates will rarely astral project, as mental wandering will be enough in most cases, plus one is not limited in his movement as the mental plane is both space and timeless, and one can view the astral plane while mental wandering. It is only when work must be done to cause an immediate effect on the physical plane that astral projection is necessary.
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    Very VERY misleading. What gives you the idea that if someone touches you during projection, you will die?? My dog has jumped on my body mid-projection, and guess what, i woke up! :rolleyes:

    You do not die when you project. If that is true, i have clinically died dozens of times.

    Please don't feed fear to those trying to rid the fear. If you are projecting around an evil spirit, projection is the least of your worries.

    I don't want to neg rep you, but i'm not saying you do not deserve it
  7. I have been in the state where you see scary faces, feel shaking, hear loud noises and see bright lights before. Many many times. Almost every full moon. So many times, the faces and whatnot doesn't even scare me. I always thought it was just a lucid dream where I'm in my room or something.
    Is this state the easiest to astral project from? Should I try to project next time im in this state?
    I never thought much of this state before so I never tried to mentally wander or project before.
    Although once I was in this state and I was stuck to my ceiling and I couldn't move or turn my head. Was i projecting then?

    Thanks a shit ton guys.

  8. Because you don't know what ASTRAL projection is. Like I said, mental wandering =/= astral projection. So please do not try to say i deserve -rep for YOUR misunderstanding of 2 very different kinds of projections. It's not your fault, it's the new age BS thats out there.

    Your right, you don't die during ASTRAL projection, your body clinically dies. There was a man who was dead for days and came back, which only proves that being alive does not depend on the heart beating and breathing, so long as the astral body is sustained.

    Could you tell me what the difference between the mental body and the astral body is? What function they play in being alive, etc.? People shouldn't mess around with things they don't have a true understanding of, and in the case someone actually ASTRAL projected, there are very very real dangers to it.
  9. In the words of DeDe:

    "I'm willing to die for this shit, Craig!"

  10. This makes me feel so much better, because I'm in that state so often. And now I realize that there was a good chance that I have actually wandered or projected before.
    And next time I will try to go into the living room and get on the recliner, cause that makes sense.

    And yes the noises are non existent.
  11. I have another question, can you project from a lucid dream? And how so?

    I lucid dream very often. And I would consider myself an experienced lucid dreamer. I invented a technique just the other day that I can use to make things appear right infront of me or make things float. Which is usually hard to do. For me at least.

    Once I jumped through a mirror and teleported that way, could I possibly teleport into an astral plane in this fashion?
  12. I'm kinda interested in how you said you talked to your higher self before. Could you explain this to me?
    I once found my spirit guide in a LD though.
  13. I + repped you for all of your help, btw.
    Thanks alot.
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    I would like you to point out where I said astral projection= death. I am telling you what happens to the physical body when you actually astral project as opposed to mental wandering which is what everyone falsely calls astral projection. This man was not astral projecting for days, he had no interest in occultism, he actually died, and wokeup in the morgue as they were about to do the autopsy. Everyone well knows that if you do not breathe for more than a few minutes you will die, so it goes to show that being alive does not depend on breathing in oxygen, so long as the astral body is sustained as it is essentially your soul, though the soul is not what many falsely believe it to be.

    Also, you do not know me, my experience goes far beyond books or some binural beats included with "master astral projection in 90 days", where you IMAGINE yourself in a mall and go from there. Yes I have read that book.

    I have a few simple questions for you. Explain what things sound like in the astral, theres 2 very distinct differences that anyone would notice and mention right off the bat. What do things look like compared to the physical plane. Have you ever gone beyond the earth to say the moon for example. Is your movement restricted in any way or can you leap miles without any lapse in time. Just give me an all around picture of your experiences, when you speak to other beings is it in a language? Those are my main questions to verify your claims, but feel free to elaborate more. I am speaking specifically about astral projecting. Can you feel sensations like you do with your senses.

    I would like to know where YOU are getting your information from, and do any of your sources date past 1990, because your belief's seem to exhibit the common characteristics of new age BS.

  15. Thank you for sharing, I'm always very suspicious when people bring up that astral projection in 90 days book, as it only induces a dream like trance where you experience a sort of waking dream. I'm not gonna say whether or not I think you truly astral project or not as it was not my intention to do so, I just wanted to know to make my own opinion.
  16. Okay guys, one more quick question.

    I know it is possible to dream (basic spiritual technique), Lucid Dream (more difficult) and to Astral Travel. Is there any other mind states that you can get into? I mean is there any other spiritual (for lack of better word) "tricks" you can accomplish?

    The only other thing I know of that corresponds to these states is telepathy.
  17. i did it through chakra meditation, and it was AWESOME. my eyes wer closed, but open at the same time, accept i could see everything, and i was above my body, it was awesome. it takes patience, dedication and a clear mind to do.
  18. I'm only fuckins which ya bros. I only barely projected like once lmfao i dont know what the hell i was doin bro

    edit: plus 420+ post cuz o' dat bro
  19. lol, give me a break! what you mean is you "imagined it." reality is something that interests me, not dreaming! dreams are nice, but you won't be doing anything physical in dreams. like buddha, smoke enough hash, and you'll be able to convince yourself of many things....
  20. Oh so smoking enough hash is like a full blown shroom trip?

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