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Has anyone else tried this before?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Gr33nMike, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone! I’ve been messing around with training my plants and I️ had this idea the other day to, essentially, Graft the plant to itself.
    What I️ had was my plant with four tops, being from two separate nodes. So what I did was a scratched the surface of the stems where I️ wanted them to mend together, basically trying to force a more true mainline, and then taped it up and wired it together so it would hold tight. This is where I’m at. And I️ was wondering if anyone else had ever tried to do anything like this before?

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  2. Grafting has been an idle fantasy here but mainlining is my preferred method of training. Two months on 20/4 includes a topping after fifth node and aggressive LST to promote as many viable lateral branches as possible. Folder clips and pipe cleaners are the easiest to endlessly reposition and and reuse. The slight stall from topping has me reconsidering the process and trying monster cropping instead. Currently have three with the mainline profile a few weeks ahead of their younger sisters who got the knuckles of love.
    IMG_20171113_231258.jpg IMG_20171113_231322.jpg
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  3. Should I️ be trimming off all fan leaves while I’m lst-ing sideways? I’ve seen it done both ways, so as someone who has experience with the process what do you recommend?

  4. I don't do much in the way of defoliation; occasionally, frustration has me whisking away
    yellowing lower leaves but for the most part they go natural.
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  5. Running my on deck circle for the next round as a competition between a 90 watt LED against three 23 watt CFLs. Feels like forever during the first month (these starting week three)
    IMG_20171113_064953.jpg IMG_20171113_065003.jpg
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  6. Did the graft take?

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