Has anyone else just learned to block out their emotions?

Discussion in 'General' started by ghost360, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. It seems like after a 5 year span of 6 people very close to me dieing (My grandfather, who meant the world to me, my stepbrother who Od on heroin, one of my aunts, 2 cousins and a very close friend) Its just starting to seem like nothing even happened, and I'm just blocking it out. I'm noticing I'm kind of always in a "neutral" state most of the time. It's either having a great time (which is only when I'm with my circle of friends/band smoking), at a state of no emotions what so ever, or rip shit pissed. I've heard it's bad to do that and bottle it up, but why the fuck not. Whats the point of being sad for so long, you know? Does anyone else feel the same?
  2. its not bad, it is good to not feel negative emotions because by law of attraction you will become a magnet to more negative situations. just keep doing what u do and enjoy life...when u feel neutral try to feel happy instead.
  3. Yeah, I have.. a long time ago.
    To be honest, it's a shitty and irresponsible way to deal with things.
    Blocking out emotions leads to desensitization and eventually apathy or even sociopathy.
  4. Yeah, it is bad, but I do it too. Feels better, for a while, but when it all boils up, the smallest thing can trigger it all. At least for me, I find it this way. You can end up unintentionally hurting those you care about.. then you feel reaaaally shitty.
  5. I'm of the belief that it's an unhealthy way of coping, as it allows your brain to adjust to being neutral and you may find difficulty experiencing true happiness, which can then manifest itself in various disorders and pathological issues as a poster above me mentioned, worst case scenario. It's better than embracing the negativity, sure, but it's still not the way you want to go forward. Seek positivity in everything imo, though that's easier said than done.
  6. No, my emotions are powerful as fuck.

    I sure as hell can't even dampen them let alone turn em off.
  7. yeah, i dont have any emotions anymore either. i cant feel.
  8. Man you got some BUFF emotions bro.
  9. i kinda do the same thing, but once in awhile if im having a really shitty day something will set me off and ill just be a bitch and cry and be emotional and all that. i hate it.
  10. Same exact way I am now after losing three family members in a month, and then 2 more in the next 2 months. Bottle it up and keep it inside, I think its the best way to do it. Every once in awhile I let loose though, usually when I'm drunk, and it doesn't end well. Whatever works for you though, man.
  11. Yeah man I've had alot of people die recently also, my friend, grandma, aunt, uncle, cat, great aunt. pretty much my whole family is always in and out of jail. My dad has never really been there for me either. hes a boozer. Alot of people say i have bad anger issues.
    I just hold myself together for my family, friends and my gf cuz they have through hell and back in the last year.

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